Here's an advanced golf hip turn drill to get power in your swing. The hips are the power source in your swing so you need to feel them hitting the ball, not your arms.

This hip drill is a little tricky so when you try it do it for more than a few balls so you can get used it. Unfortunately too many people try something and if they don't see immediate results they give up so please try this golf hip drill until you start to feel your hips powering the swing.

Once you get this feeling of using your hips try to memorize it because this is what you should be feeling on all shots into the future.

If you're not on an advanced level then come back to this golf hip rotation drill in the future because using your hips as the power source in your swing is vital.

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  1. Hi Paul, Many Thanks for your very helpful tuition films. I am sure I have been guilty of mainly arms only swinging for years. I am sure that particularly now in my 70th year that including hips and legs (which to me feels counter intuitive) is going to help me greatly on direction and length. I wondered if you could give me greater insight as to why static legs hips with little or no weight transfer is usually so destructive and unhelpful. Thank You.
    Roger, East Sussex. England. UK.

  2. Hi Paul, It never cease to amaze me how often I run into a hurdle or get stuck in my swing mechanics and you post a video that is exactly what I need to move forward. I am now using your body swing warm-up (1/2 backswing w/7 Iron – engage lower body – lose wrist – no arms) to start each of my practice sessions including before I hit the course. Thanks for all you have done for my golf game. Keep those tips coming – Joe in Seattle.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Just trying this in my back garden with an air ball and a wedge and sometimes hitting a bit behind the ball.. Any hints on why or how to avoid this?
    Best wishes from the UK ???

  4. You can watch all the bunnies on YouTube for golf instructions. It’s all gobilly goop. This and that and all confusion. This guy, however, makes freaking sense. Just watch him, look how easy he explains everything! Just listen, watch and ur game improves!

  5. Hi Paul. This tutorial has transformed my golf and has been a lightbulb moment because it works, simple as that. I also realised on the range how many golfer were only arms, that used to be me, not any more, thanks very much.

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