PGA GOLF Professional Rick Shiels tests the new 2019 Mizuno ST190(G) Drivers using GCQuad launch monitor and taking both the new 2019 Mizuno ST190(G) Drivers out onto Marriott Worsley Park golf course. Rick Shiels also compared the new 2019 Mizuno ST190(G) Drivers against the 2018 Mizuno St180 and ST180G drivers!


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28 thoughts on “THE BEST LOOKING DRIVERS EVER! Mizuno ST190(G) Drivers Review

  1. Mizuno continues to make outstanding products. They simplified the adjustability issue and gave it the standard black color. Rick, would you suppose that the performance differences were as a result of the shaft not being your usual Aldila Rogue 110 MSI? If you put that shaft in , i wonder what you'd get….

  2. These NEW drivers came out with the Tensei line of shafts designed for these heads…why were the tests not performed with these shafts. Other reviewers are getting better performance results and numbers while they are using the new shaft vs you Kuro Kage…New test please with the new shafts, then we'll see what the NEW line has to offer
    Thank you

  3. Looking at all the swing speeds vs balls speeds (excluding driver length) ALL the new drivers have the same ball speed. So shafts will be the difference hand in hand with spin

  4. Hi Rick. Do you need to update what your "optimal performance chart" shows for the updated drivers? It seems that every driver that has been tested this year (and I think last year) has higher ball speed, further carry and further total distance.

  5. I agree that's it's a great looking driver, in my opinion I love it especially in the gloss black. I hate the look of flat black or flat finished drivers.
    I have a 440cc JPX850 driver in my collection which is the gloss blue & I think it's stunning, it performs really well, I agreed it's not for everybody. The thing I don't like about the JPX850 is the sound, it's just too bloody loud. That's the only reason that's not my gamer.

  6. Great review once again rick can’t beat ur honesty and I love the fact u won’t get sponsored by a brand so that just impresses me even more well done again keep up the good work ?️‍♂️?☄️

  7. Very good assessment and very fair. I bet if you had the 70G X-Stiff you'd gain another 4-5 yards, but that is subjective. Mine is on order at Mizuno and will be here just before the 15th of Feb. I went 60 gram S Fujikura Kuro Kage in the ST190. Great review Rick!

  8. make a video where you buy golf head covers and then you and someone else have to randomly pick them and that is the club you must use and you have to make a challenge

  9. Rick….Ive been golfing for 9yrs. Im not an exceptional golfer but being "self taught" i consider myself an ok average recreational golfer. Ive purchased about 5 golf sets in my 9 yrs playing, from high end gear to used to budget gear. What ive learned is that at the end of the day, if we have our swing down we can play good golf regardless of gear. Yes …of course getting fitted matters. However, there are manufactures that are considered budget brands that make good gear. Can you please……………do a review on the Tommy Armour Ta1 Driver ? I purchased it and ive played great with it. I think youtubers and teachers like you are doing a disservice to the people trying to get into the game when you discount these clubs or dont at least review them,

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