The cheapest way to improve at golf (seriously)

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Rick Shiels PGA golf professional shows you are really simple way to improve your golf by using the most random piece of equipment! This drill can stop your golf slice, stop your golf hook & help you hit the golf ball straight & hit the golf ball long!


Draenal says:

I told my wife that in order to get a new golf training aid that would finally fix my swing I had to buy a new $600 Paradym driver. She didn't believe me!

Acid RALA says:

Yeah, I'm lugging a box to the range. Come on Rick, you wanker…

Matt says:

Imagine bringing that big box to the driving range lol

March Forth says:

Oops. New box…I mean new clubs neededπŸ˜…

Orange King 1224 says:

Instructions unclear I hit the box down the range

lake phillips says:

The cheapest way to improve my swing is buy new clubs? That’s what I heard

The Golf Life says:

What about a slight pull? Haha

Andrew Murray says:

Super helpful rick thanks for this easy exercise to help improve me game. Love the channel

WineHouse says:

The range and the course is a drastic difference….

Steven Champion says:

This'll make a change from mangling drill sticks…

The box looks a bit odd shoved in my bag tho.

Free Dom says:

I used the box to return the golf clubs and buy a tennis racket.

Jason adrw says:

Works great except my pro told me just have the box straight down the line. I was over the top alot, this fixed it. Took a bit of practice and a few rounds. Still do it occasionally though.

drymoper says:

I will hit the box and the ball will become the alignment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

JW Steeves says:

I believe that πŸ‘

Chris w says:

Love the content Rick, but no chance of me bringing a empty box to the range. πŸ˜‚


What about cure for shanks? I've already tried blood sacrifice and rights to my firstborn…not sure where to go from there

Wiqar Syed says:

β€œβ€¦what’s inside the Box?!?!”

Cali says:

Luv this drill !! πŸ‘

golf with keegan says:

Day 8 of asking for a golf set

Martin says:

"new box needed" *time to order new clubs to get a box

Win Er says:

You just threw away the box

Kartik Misra says:

🀣 new box needed

james lappin says:

Ricky seen u agaisnt good good golf think u need golf lessons mate πŸ˜‚

CT says:

Cant wait to absolutely destroy my box fixin a hook 🀣

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