The BEST drill to INCREASE SPEED AND DISTANCE! #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno

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Steve McVay says:

Lmao, you’re no where near parallel… your hands came above your shoulders every time you did this drill…. You’re cheating then telling your students to not take a full swing like you did…. 🤦‍♂️

GreenMeanie says:

I've literally tried everything. Can't get over 94 with driver. My swing is unfixable.

lowesislander says:

Does this not pertain to those of us learning stack and tilt? With S&T you're taught to keep your weight forward.

Danny Beck says:

I am 59 I can still get club head up to around 125 mph. Really want 10-15mph more. I do understand that is a large difference. I am more than willing to put in the effort and work towards my goal if someone is willing to help me out with that goal.

Ardent Ramadhana says:

Keren banget 👍👍👍Thank you

Matt Orey says:

This is basically a baseball drill. Front foot forward, hands go back, create separation to explode forward through the hips.

Jim says:

Eric – Great video!! Well done! Jim

Kyle Blevins says:

You’re awesome Eric!

Jeff Williams says:

Great detail in all of your instruction. Great vids and explanations.

texasvet54 says:

My swing speed at 40 yrs was 115. I’m 67 now & I’m at 95+. I’d be happy to get to 105. Can this drill get me 10 mph?

B Alrt says:

Is there a longer version of this clip?

Hoddse says:

Man’s playing a cricket stroke

MeltyPox says:

Swing from parallel to ground but takes the club back almost full swing after that lol silly tip. 🤣😂

Jonathan Barr says:

Really want to increase club head speed. At about 87 now. I'm not an old man yet. Wanna get to 100. Thanks for tips like this!

Dakota says:

Play baseball much

Calvin Say Kwee Heng says:

What if you re already stacking left on setup? Do you still need that step forward? Stack and tilt swing.

shannon clark says:

Will this work with all irons?

cz1mmt says:

Watch a Pro closely. They create the illusion of using their arms to swing at the top. The club really starts swinging at the waist. It is a catapult movement.

Lori Meyers says:

This might very well help some, but I did this drill about 6 years ago, and that step has resulted in a case of…the steps. Lol. I’ve easily added 15 strokes to my game ever since. Iron striking was somewhat confident, and I was improving. But it really threw me for a loop. I understand you want to get in that position to gain muscle memory on that motion and feeling, but it gained my left foot some muscle memory that I can’t kick – figuratively speaking. Practice swing is right on, textbook, but once you put a ball there – forget it. Not hating on the drill, just something to think about. I rely heavily on this channel’s material, Eric is very good. No hate intended. I could just be out of my mind….🙃

Chaddy-me-boy says:

This is what Pro baseball hitters do, the bat goes back alittle as the foot steps forward. 👍

paul togher says:

love your posture video was doin it wrong all my life major improvement

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