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How to hit the driver STRAIGHTER! Say goodbye to your slice and hook.
Works 99.1% of the time 🤣

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Jonathan Plays Golf says:

Great tips as always 🙌

1bigboi_ says:

What a beautiful range!!!

Isaac Jordan says:


Nello Papi says:

I,m 91 now. And haven’t played golf for 8 yrs but I used to hover all my clubs because as a young golfer I read that Jack Nicklaus did.

Quick Animations says:

Can you do a explaining the grip for lefty’s. I’m a lefty when I play golf and I’m always struggling with the grip.

Capri says:

I need to try this. I can't never hit a good driver shot

Ethan Denton says:

Wouldn’t it increase the top spin to hit up on the ball?

Alex Harrison says:

Back swing way too fast.

Leifdux says:

Help, my driver head is 100 yards away!

rulinghabs says:

Could have sworn he said hobo and not hover.

Martin G says:

I'll give it a try

GeekNation says:

Thank you very much for the tips.

Jadedrhyno says:

Best driver tips I’ve seen anywhere on YouTube lol. Simple and honest. Not over complicated

D says:

Nice driver I have the exact same one and same shaft

The.Otis.Burger says:

I’ve actually been trying the “hover” trick and it really does help! Smooth takeaway, helps me slowdown my swing and I hit the ball square every time. I find more fairways, too! 🙌🏾

Sav says:

This fellas swing reminds me of Keegan Bradley's golf swing.
The tip i used for straighter shots is set the Club head about 4 inches behind the ball on the tee it helps you get through the ball and bang away.💥💥💥

Vlek says:

Brother I can't even hit the ball with my driver, let alone get a straight flight

Reegan Machin says:

You could slow your swing down for starters

Christopher Coleman says:

Grip down? You're kidding, right? Any club fitter worth his salt will tell you to grip down one inch on EVERY club, AND, adjust your club fitting accordingly. Why? Simple. The end of the grip is SOLID. So, if you hold the club at the end of the grip, you're literally using the club like a whip; i.e., you're gripping the club PAST the end of the shaft inside the grip, so there's no way you can be consistent.

Jackie paper says:

“Every time” seems like a stretch

Andy Renger says:

I always wondered what happened to the honey badger narrator..

Mads Sick says:

Hitting up on the ball doesn’t make it go straighter. It reduces spin loft which makes a small change in face angle cause a big curve of the ball. Hence why the pga tour average is to hit 1,3 degrees down on it. It does however make it go further.

Robzkie says:

Great tips. Tip 4 should be how to retrieve your head cover without getting hit by others.

Chris Wolff says:

Don't hover. Noobie shit.

Ed H says:

I didn’t understand the point of tip 3. Why would putting a ball in a head cover in front of the tee make me swing up on it?

Spencer Edelman says:

Thank you for this! Excited to try at the range

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