The Driver That CHANGED GOLF FOREVER! Retro Review

The TaylorMade R7 Quad driver, launched in 2004, was ahead of its time as the first ever driver with moveable weight technology. Over 10 percent of its total mass was concentrated into four weights which could be moved around to alter spin, launch and shot shape characteristics… but is this technology still effective in today's game and how does it compare to a 2024 driver? Staff writer and PGA Pro Joe Ferguson hits the R7 Quad up against the new Qi10 LS driver to see how the performance compares.

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5 thoughts on “The Driver That CHANGED GOLF FOREVER! Retro Review

  1. 1:56 Is it an optical illusion or did the shaft flex big time as you were teeing the ball? ???????? Kidding aside, I'm curious how forgiving a 20-yr-old driver is compared to today's high-MOI drivers.

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