Fairway Wood Or Hybrid: Which is Best for your game? – Golf Tips

Are you confused about whether to use a hybrid or fairway wood in your golf game? Well, you're not alone! In this video, we dive into the age-old debate and explore the differences between these two clubs. Find out why hybrids have dominated the scene for so long and why fairway woods are making a comeback. Get ready to up your golf club knowledge and subscribe for more golf tips and tricks!

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Welcome to The Golf Shop Online YouTube channel. This YouTube channel is designed to help you improve your golf game and to help you gain more enjoyment from this challenging game.

We have enlisted Mark Crossfield, our online golf professional, who is recognised as one of the most honest reviewers on YouTube. For many years, he has concentrated on golf club reviews, unboxing, news, tips, and ideas to improve your game.

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19 thoughts on “Fairway Wood Or Hybrid: Which is Best for your game? – Golf Tips

  1. For some reason, I really struggle with hybrids. I hit a decent 5 iron but routinely top my hybrid. A retailer recently had me try a 7 wood. Love it. I hit it straight with good height and length. I am a senior with poor flexibility. A hybrid should be perfect for me. It is a mental thing at this point. But I am stubborn. I will make hybrids work eventually.

  2. Why not both? Im carrying 3 wood, 5 wood (18) and hybrid (20). Using the 5 wood off tees and fairway and hybrid in rough and tight spots.

  3. Have a 3 driving iron that carries 190 avg. Had nothing between that and the driver. Had a fitting and ended up taking a 3 hybrid but now I've practised with it, it seems I have two clubs that carry the same. Tempted to swap it for a fairway wood (5 or 7???) to try and get that 200-205 carry. If anyone has thoughts let me know lol

  4. I've never liked my 3 hybrid, I feel it's to light so I'm thinking of trying a 5 metal instead plus I'm taller and need the added length of the 5 metal.

  5. Recently bought a 7 wood head (old sponsored company, don’t like to talk about it). One of the biggest problems is getting fit. Club pros and big box stores assume 7 woods are for low speed players and just done have the gear to fit all golfers. Off market shaft is the only way to go if you can afford it.

  6. I used to love a 17 / 19 hybrid but changed swing now prefer a 19 deg fairway. On the fence around whether to then have 4 hybrid or driving iron or set 4 iron

  7. The golf club manufacturers and retailers are 100% to blame for the fact that very few people have 7W, 9W, and/or 11 W in their bags. Very few retailers have these on their shelves and/or fitting carts – and the ones that they do tend to have either “light” or “women’s shafts. Got to make them more available to the masses, and therefore more people will buy them and use them. I do have several higher lofted Fairway woods in my bag, but also understood my specs, in terms of shafts and flexes and was willing to purchase without being able to hit

    For the record, I play 65 g stiff shafts, which I had to do on special order and got shafts that replicated other clubs that I had tested previously

  8. I currently have a 2 and 4 hybrid. I am much happier with the 4 hybrid, but I am struggling with the 2 hybrid. Hook it a lot. I think the greater loft is making things much easier

  9. 4/5 hybrid for me more confident standing over the ball whereas with 5wood I still tend to Fade off the deck. But that's just me. Only use a 3wood, 20yr old big bertha titanium off the tee Dead straight 99% Driver stays in the garage from Sydney Australia ???????? thnks for yr big workload Mark.

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