The DRIVER to beat in 2023 | Callaway Paradym Review

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The DRIVER to beat in 2023?! | Callaway Paradym Review

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Q.) Who’s your favourite driver brand?

safranic says:

I’m sorry. 298yds of carry with 160mph ball speed? No chance. Ever. Numbers are off.

Joshua McLean says:

It looks like a bowling ball.

Christopher Rycroft says:

G430 or Paradym?

Minnie Moocher says:

I play off a 9 , decided to buy the tripple diamond. It is amazing and it is forgiving believe me 😊

Michael says:

1. Carbon can not be forged, its a carbon fibre with resin. 2. I picked up a never used M4 for 100 pounds. This looks really for the chinese market, bling bling..

bartmr7 says:

what kind of launch monitor do you have?

Dhaval Baxi says:

Rick please put your average swing speed if you can when you put up the ball speed

Makes it a little bit easier to interpret the data and extrapolate it

Kaleb Dixon says:

You should send me one👀

Eric Shields says:

I tried this Callaway Paradym driver this week and I found it more bulky and not as good a feel as my F9. Love my Cobra F9 and it would take a very special driver to get me to change. 🙂

Stephen Monroe says:

I hit a couple other drivers better than the paradym at my last fitting. Triple diamond showed intermittent brilliance, or atleast I did. But titlest tsi3 suited me best out of all tested.

Rob Gardner says:

It’s ridiculous! Technology isn’t going that far. 5 yards. Wtf

Adam Barraza says:

@RickSheilsPGA do you still think this is the best of 2023? You play a ping still correct?

Kyle Johnson says:

Just ordered my triple diamond, it was between the tsr4 and the td. Just a little better

Steven Rodriguez says:

BS… The driver is not all that.

Vince Karumba says:

During the Weekend my Local Club Pro gave me his Callay Paradym Tripple Diamond Stiff Shaft 65grams ….The Driver shot was always straight 295 – 310 Yards for me was superb!!!!

Sonnybonowig says:

Thanks great review the paradym is on my wish list. Hopefully Santa sees this!😂

Sean Chu says:

No Paradigm X sound on the golf course?


I’m curious Rick, why haven’t you put a Paradym in your bag? Would you do a give away on one of those?

Derek Savage says:

Im thinking about the Callaway Edge set for my first club set . Are they decent for beginners?

Kevin Penfold says:

Once again, Rick is allergic to choosing the club that best suits him 😂.

Michael Ford says:

Just bought the standard Paradym after trying lots of differnt clubs I love it! Get it in the bag Rick!

Victor The Han says:

I tried the triple diamond and it was the best club I've ever used. Makes me want to try the other two.

ProfessorX39 says:

For me, the triple diamond with ventus black is the greatest driver setup I’ve ever used bar none. 20 yards further and I can hit any shot I want. I’ve never had a Callaway driver in the back before now, but this one made me a believer

Christoph Ploner says:

can you test the Krank Driver as well? thanks a lot

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