Golf Blade Iron Comparison | Old Vs New | 1991 Titleist Tour vs 2021 Callaway Apex MB

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This golf blade iron comparison presents the changes in golf club technology over 30 years, as 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell tests the 1991 Titleist Tour model against the 2021 Callaway Apex MB. During the test, Thomas tests out the pitching wedge and the 7-iron from each set, and then adds the Apex MB 4-iron and the Titleist Tour 2-iron into the test to identify the differences in looks and feel. With help of Trackman, Thomas finds some interesting results in this golf blade iron comparison.

0:00 Intro
1:50 Pitching Wedge Testing
4:09 7-Iron Testing
7:12 Tour 2-Iron & Apex MB 4-iron
8:23 Data and Conclusions

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Jakob Nordin says:

So if you hit a club with more loft you will hit the ball shorter, higher och get more spin. Wow! That sounds like common sense? A blade is a blade. Same loft, same shaft and you get the same numbers…. Quality, feel, sound etc may differ. But I get it, you need to get people to buy newer golfclubs so you get payed.

R. Schaefer says:

I still use my Tour Model set (1-PW) occasionally when I'm not playing my 620MB's. Planning on sending them to Flannigans for a refurbishment soon.

jetdr says:

So the only thing that changed is Loft!! I play with a set of MP33's they still perform just as well as all these fancy jacked up loft Clubs. except I know exactly how far my 9 Iron will fly, 130.

Sunjae Bae says:

Thanks for this great experiment, but the interpretation seems a bit biased to me. Although the 2020 irons undoubtedly launched the balls a bit better, the main reason for the difference seems to be the lofts. The 2020 set has significantly stronger lofts. The 2022 7 iron is about 5 degress stronger. Of course it's going to carry further notwithstanding the technical advances. In this light, I think the 1991 2 iron vs 2020 4 iron comparision is clever and interesting. Their launch angles are very close, and correspondingly their results are quite comparable.

Joe Plichter says:

You hit the 1991 Titleist Tour better. Straighter. With more spin. The new 7 iron rolled out almost ten yards and the old one 3 yards… Do you need a 7 iron to go 191? a pitching wedge 144? You're going to have to spend $300 on gap wedges

Terence Hancock says:

Has technology really progressed? Or did angles and size of head just change

Derrick Sokolowski Productions says:

Would new shafts give better results?

Stephen Matics says:

He hits the 7 iron and 2 much more accurately than the Callaway irons, still recommends an upgrade anyway 😂

Horror Corner TV says:

It’s not technology it’s loft… literally it’s just loft

Barry Bajuk says:

Thanks for the video. However, Why wouldn't you compare clubs with similar lofts? Pw vs 9 iron , 7 iron versus 6, 4iron vs 3 iron. The Higher spin rate is better in a short iron to stick the approach shot on the green isn't it. 2 iron not so hard to hit and it naturally has a low flight (great for shots into the wind). I play $300 1991 tour blades and this video gives me the impression there is no point to upgrade to new $1700 blades.

Milton Taylor says:

Very good video. Keep up your videos guys. Watching out of Fargo.. Keep it up, I like supporting people just over the state line..

Keith Kruchten says:

I have that EXACT set of Titleist Tour Models that I've paired with a Titleist 976R and Ping ISI Tour 3 wood that I use as a training set. If you can hit those, you can hit anything.
Oh, and the 2 iron is my favorite club, 235 every time off the tee.

J M M says:

After almost 15 years I’m still gaming my Mizuno MP-67 blades. Just had them reshafted with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts with added length and the lofts were strengthened to match the lofts of modern day muscleback sets.

Speaking of shaft length, that factor wasn’t mentioned in this video either as I’ve noticed that newer sets also have longer shafts in addition to stronger lofts. I would think shaft length increase would also factor into distance gains.

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