The Easiest Way To Fix Your Slice!😍🏌🏻‍♂️ #Shorts

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RomeoTRM says:

My driver starts like a beautiful fade, gets a lot of distance and is high. But then the dreaded slice comes in and brings ot all the way across to the right side

Matt says:

Hmm will have to try this

Drone Videography 1227 says:

Thank you so much this is an amazing tip.

viveck patel says:

Does this apply to iron shots as well? I tend to push/slice my long irons specifically.

George Tropicana says:

I don't know why I keep forgetting this every start of the season. It's at least cut my slice distance down a lot, now I just gotta figure out what else is going wrong (other than my horrific flexibility)

RJ says:

So I’m a right handed golfer, on my left hand (lead hand)I can see my two knuckles and the “V” is pointing towards my right shoulder and my right or “rear hand” is not on top and kind of neutral and the “V” is pointing towards my right shoulder as well but I still slice the life out of it. Am I standing to close to the ball? Is the ball to far forward or maybe it’s not close enough to the inside of my heal? Or could I be teeing the ball to high? For some reason I only struggle with teeing a ball. If it’s a par 3, 180 yards I can’t use a tee and I hit it off the deck with a 8 iron dead straight and can get the green or atleast around where I’m aiming. Same with my woods, I can’t hit them off a tee but if I’m in the fairway or even at the tee box I can hit them straight when hitting off the deck. Could it be me not leaning enough to hit up on the ball? If you Could do a video on a POV style driving tip video, that would mean the world! If I could hit my driver it would shed so much off my score. I rather use a 3 iron off the deck then my driver because I end up further then I would since my slice goes so far to the right. I feel I’m setting up to close. This is the only thing holding me back from beating my father lol and he knows it!


This is so true

Doctor Floyd Hayworth says:

You are teaching a hook grip

Noon80Noon says:

You just fixed the bad habit that's crept into my game recently. Thank you!

Nemesis_Destroyer of gods says:

Yeah i was told to do that and had to really get it back to do so

ten5ion says:

I started golfing this year, used my driver for the first time on a course on sunday, did that and I still had all my balls at 18th 😅 If it feels weird its right, is something I've learned from golf 😎👍🏌‍♀️

Doctor Floyd Hayworth says:

Oh please. Give me a break

Toon Lad says:

This is the only fix for a slice that works IMMEDIATELY

Alfred Vasquez says:

I’ve never sliced sense learning from a relative to overlapping thumbs horizontally, locking elbows slightly relaxed, knees slightly bent, , taking a few relaxed natural swings in mid swing, 3/4 swing and a full swing in allowing your body to move from feet,knees,hips,arms, shoulders,head and eyes exactly the same positions,visualizing the club impact in the same exact point of contact on the ball, knowing the ball will go directly to where you’ve locked in your flight pattern…now you step forward behind the ball and swing or repeat to make your entire body change your flight pattern location.
To me it’s like shooting expert in Marines Boot Camp Weapons Qualifications….zero in, breath, gently pulling trigger without knowing when the weapon actually fires.
Swinging, not knowing when I make contact with the ball.
And the sound of both is certainly beautiful.

Joe Blow says:

Is that the song from Matilda? I forgot about that movie, lol.

tamoose1 says:

Right! Sometimes…..

Charlie Mohr says:

I’ve seen this being taught many many times and I maintain a very strong lead hand and somehow still can manage a 60yd slice…

harry rodriguez says:

That certainly helped in some degree. But when and also weakened my rear handgrip, that's what really helped me.

Allan Benoit says:

It has been my experience that when I'm strong gripped that I feel total control over the club and its face.

Fred R says:

And then you hit it straight, but to the left, because the club path is the reason for your slice 😬

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