The false paradigm of golf swing bio mechanics

A tiny percentage of the golfing population – the tour and club pros and high level amateurs – can strike the ball solidly and mostly straight with a remarkable degree of skill and consistency. In stark contrast, the vast majority* of golfers and would-be golfers flail away, with the satisfying ‘click' of solid contact and precise, penetrating ball flight occurring only once or twice in a round golf, usually on the last hole to lure them back for more torture! [*According to National Golf Foundation statistics, the average golf score is currently 100 and has been for decades, with only 22 percent of golfers ever able to score below 90.]

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  1. Your videos are the truth when it come to achieving amazing golf shots. My hands/ eye coordination occurs in between my ears where I see what I call my Big Blur Golf Swing . How i got there now matters little to me. Cheers

  2. I love this video. You should have lunch with David Lee (Gravity Golf). You and he overlap quite a lot on a Venn diagram. Gravity Golf changed everything for me. After hovering at an 8-10 for decades, I'm sniffing scratch and WILL get there soon. Your video made a ton of sense. Everyone needs to stop listening to the "experts" on tv. Just swing the club with 2:1 timing WITHOUT tension in your arms. It feels alien at first, but with practice, it becomes very natural and begins to produce tour quality strikes. I love this game.

  3. You have no understanding of biomechanics. It is the common movements that the elite golfers make collectively that are of the interest of biomechanics. You don't get to pick and choose who you use as the model as so many so commonly do. You can't say swing like Elkington, or Faldo, or Woods as they have their little quirks in their swings as well.

  4. No one starts to play golf with bio mechanic thoughts. They stand over the ball and try and hit the damn ball. I know friends of mine that are way more coordinated and athletic than this guy and yet they cant play golf. It is ONLY when they fail to achieve what looks like a simple task and fail that they resort to thinking about technique and mechanics. That is the truth of this game. Golf must be counter intuitive. If this guys stats are right then 'elite golfers' have figured out the 'trick' to it. When you look into the backgrounds of most tour pros, club pros, and decent low handicap amateurs then nearly all of them were related to someone who knew what was going on. You are about down to 1% of people that actually figured it out themselves. People cant play golf because they dont know what is required of them. If they knew what they were trying to do then the average abled body golfer would be in single figs. Unfortunately for teachers of golf by this guys logic and statistics the truth is that either a golf teacher doesnt know how to teach you or doesnt want to teach you. I would personally never ever pay anyone for golf lessons if they could not introduce me to ten (just ten people) that they met at 18hcp that were now low single figure guys. I dont buy the smug golf teacher attitude that you pay to answer questions that you know already. If golf lessons worked then club handicaps would fall and yet they dont. Halfwit golf teachers give band aid tips to people that have them playing just enough to 'enjoy' the game. Technology will replace golf teachers very soon. It will cut through the bullshit and tell the average person what they really need to know.

  5. Every decent teacher knows that a fairly neutral swing gives you a decent chance it hitting a good shot. Decent biomechanics give an averagely co-ordinated person a decent chance. Bubba and Jim and freaks-outliers-and probably some of the most co-ordinated and spacially aware individuals on the planet. Don't look at the exceptions, look at the rules, and most pros are biomechanically close to eachother.

  6. I acquired these golf swing secrets “mowosam press” (Google it), read it in a single night, and the next day at the driving range applied it. I was instantly taking appropriate divots with my irons, properly after strong impact. I reached 10-15 yards more distance than the normal range I have with my irons. Get your own today!.

  7. What is the point of this video, I can hit a ball good, so listen to how smart I am. No advice, no this is the way I think of it. Or help of any kind, just some know it all

  8. How about this for thought…what came first, the swing or the club? Obviously the club was designed around the first swingers and their natural swing (when there was no videos or swing tips)

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