The FIRST NEW Driver For 2024… BETTER Than Callaway OR TAYLORMADE!?

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The FIRST NEW Driver For 2024… BETTER Than Callaway OR TAYLORMADE!? When thinking about buying a new driver we often wonder what the best driver of 2023 is, or even the best driver of 2024? I loved so many golf clubs in 2023 and I think personally the Callaway Paradym will take some beating in 2024, especially the Callaway Paradym triple diamond. the Taylormade stealth 2 was Also a driver that so many people have tried and trusted in 2023 but will this new driver be even better than that? today we see the launch of the new Mizuno STG driver of 2024… a new adjustable driver that could well be the best of 2024, but we get to see it early… let's do it… and let's do it now!


Jordan Boteler says:

I Think Callaway And Mizuno might be the best driver next year I think Taylor Made Is Going To Slow down a bit

chris tabor says:

Only problem is, once you say it felt dead….. then well….???? 😂

Daniel Charles says:

I have this driver and love it. I have the loft set at 11.5 and have the weights up to the face. It bombs.

Ryan Kent says:

That is a gorgeous driver

Dan kool says:

My M2 still works just find, spend money on lessons people, that's the only way to improve…

Serenity in silence says:

I picked up a used mizuno st190 last year for $125 and I’ve been super impressed. I’ve hit some of my longest drives with it and couldn’t be happier. Longest drive was 344 yards on a par 5. To be fair the ball landed on the downslope of the fairway and rolled probably 30 yards, but still.

Payell Jessy says:

Looks expensive and chic! Pairs well with everything. Tons of compliments!! Great piece to add to your collection!! kislux

Tommie Thatcher says:

Another awesome club review James

v205 says:

Looks deep faced?

Hank Strickland says:

Mizuno is a under rated driver everybody wants to try my st 220

The Falls says:

Keeping my stz 220 and my gt 180

Sardar Ahmed says:

No mizuno driver ever came close or will come close to a triple Diamond or stealth 2. Dream on .

davros halfbeard says:

Looks great .most modern drivers there is not a lot of difference between them just comes down to personal preference. If your swing ante right you may as well use a baseball bat lol 😂.be Interesting to see what effect moving the weights has cheers

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