THE TOP 5 drivers of 2023!? #golf #pga #golfclub #golfchannel #golflife #golfswing #review

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Bill Blankenship says:

I have the paradyme and have to say it is the best driver I have ever hit. So good in fact that I went and bought the 3 and 5 woods. Love them.

Brad Stuart says:

Sticking with my LTDX

Steven Szyper says:

I'd replace the Cobra with the Wilson or PXG. I switched from the PXG to the new Wilson myself. I demoed everyone of these. The Stealth I am not a fan of, and the Callaway gave me the same results as my Wilson….

Shimon Hawkins says:

Cobra is the best for the price, but they're starting to inch upwards.

Marc Simon says:

The most important question isn't answered!
Which shaft was used and in which length???
Everybody knows that C doesn't have the loft which is shown and normally minimum 0,5" more length in the shaft. I play a PXG 0211 Driver with a Mitsubishi TENSEi blue in 45" regular flex. Last testing of our range I was the only one who shot the balls out of the range and that's ended at 275 yds. I am 59, 6'3" tall and have 215 lb. This driver isn't mentioned but for € 189,– the absolute best offer you can take. Can buy three for a Titleist… . Cheers from Germany 😅😅

Trey & Tosha Glover says:

In every test done this year by other well known Golf youtube channels i.e. TXG the Cobra and Titleist were No.s 1and 2. So I dont know where he got his info. These channels based their findings solely on head to head performance.

DaBananaMan says:

Helooo? Sim 2 max?

Sylvio Sofia says:

TSR2 is the ball speed King on this list.

Robert Sharp says:

My current driver
Ping eye 2 stiff flex

CriticalthinKing says:

Cobra makes great drivers but are too silly looking, Stealth 2 is a great driver for 3 months until the face pops off, TSR2 is great and very stable, TSR3 is probably #1, Ping 430 is terrific this year, Callaway paradym looks like your grandma's fornica countertop so that out. Last years Rogue was beautiful, PXG gen 6 should be on the list, even the Mizuno drivers are good this year.
The moral of the story, buy one of last generations' drivers at deep discount

kelly lott says:

I have tested all these drivers both inside and out. For me, the TSR2 takes the #1 spot followed by Callaway Paradym at #2. 2nd gen Stealth showed much more promise than gen 1. @swinglabsim

Ashley Thorne says:

#1 TSR2, #2 PING430, #3 Paradym, and I believe drivers from 1-3 seasons ago are better that the rest of them. TSi 2 is incredible, Ping425, SIM & SIM2 stellar. Stealth can go kick rocks. Literally saw the face come off my brother's. Definitely wouldn't buy second hand.

Kevin Bergeron says:

PXG Gen 6 should be in that line up especially in place of the cobra

Allen Parker says:

You REALLY need try the Tour Edge line up

Anthony Strazzo says:

Is this based on sales? Performance would be total diff list. Or based on price…need answers…

SteveH says:

… Based on what?!? Was your idea to put them in random order, yell some stuff and then post?? As in new useless content, done! 🤔

Paul Farrell says:

PXG Gen 6 xf better than any of them, Also the Tour Edge exotics and the Wilson Dynapower.

Pete Major says:

Top for who? Average Joe 90mph ss or 110+ ss?

Da.Owis.Burguh#TBAS says:

I like the list, but imo the Taylormade and the Callaway are overrated.

The Cobra and the Titleist really are great drivers. Personally I think those two models are UNDERrated!

Mike Williams says:

Aerojet looks good? I beg to differ. Gimme a black and golf Aerojet and we can talk

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