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  1. I'd replace the Cobra with the Wilson or PXG. I switched from the PXG to the new Wilson myself. I demoed everyone of these. The Stealth I am not a fan of, and the Callaway gave me the same results as my Wilson….

  2. The most important question isn't answered!
    Which shaft was used and in which length???
    Everybody knows that C doesn't have the loft which is shown and normally minimum 0,5" more length in the shaft. I play a PXG 0211 Driver with a Mitsubishi TENSEi blue in 45" regular flex. Last testing of our range I was the only one who shot the balls out of the range and that's ended at 275 yds. I am 59, 6'3" tall and have 215 lb. This driver isn't mentioned but for € 189,– the absolute best offer you can take. Can buy three for a Titleist… . Cheers from Germany ??

  3. In every test done this year by other well known Golf youtube channels i.e. TXG the Cobra and Titleist were No.s 1and 2. So I dont know where he got his info. These channels based their findings solely on head to head performance.

  4. Cobra makes great drivers but are too silly looking, Stealth 2 is a great driver for 3 months until the face pops off, TSR2 is great and very stable, TSR3 is probably #1, Ping 430 is terrific this year, Callaway paradym looks like your grandma's fornica countertop so that out. Last years Rogue was beautiful, PXG gen 6 should be on the list, even the Mizuno drivers are good this year.
    The moral of the story, buy one of last generations' drivers at deep discount

  5. I have tested all these drivers both inside and out. For me, the TSR2 takes the #1 spot followed by Callaway Paradym at #2. 2nd gen Stealth showed much more promise than gen 1. @swinglabsim

  6. #1 TSR2, #2 PING430, #3 Paradym, and I believe drivers from 1-3 seasons ago are better that the rest of them. TSi 2 is incredible, Ping425, SIM & SIM2 stellar. Stealth can go kick rocks. Literally saw the face come off my brother's. Definitely wouldn't buy second hand.

  7. I like the list, but imo the Taylormade and the Callaway are overrated.

    The Cobra and the Titleist really are great drivers. Personally I think those two models are UNDERrated!

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