The GAME-CHANGING Technique You NEED to Try – Rory McIlroy's DRIVER Formula

Rory Mcilroy is undoubtably one of the greatest drivers of the golf ball in the world of golf today, and there is one key move that he makes with his driver that could transform your driving adding more length and accuracy.

For so many of my students over the years this has been a game-changing tip and so I wanted to share this so that you too can hit the driver farther and straighter

Rory's driver formula allows him to consistently be one of the best in the field with the driver and in this video I break down his swing in a very simple, easy to understand way and show you some simple steps that you can take to start becoming a great driver of the golf ball too

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Rory's Driver Swing
01:54 Driver Takeaway Move
02:51 Don't Focus On The Club
04:25 Driver Sequence Drill
06:18 Driver – Adding The Speed

13 thoughts on “The GAME-CHANGING Technique You NEED to Try – Rory McIlroy's DRIVER Formula

  1. This is the number one player in the World Rory his swing.
    Please show me a 18h/c player trying copy and practice this no chance Chris , maybe a single figure H/C but he would still find it difficult.

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