THE MASTERS 2018 – The Best Hospitality Experience in Augusta + Customer Reviews

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Rory from Your Golf Travel takes you on a journey around the YGT Arena. Located just a few minutes from the main gate at Augusta National, the YGT Arena is one of many perks included in ALL Your Golf Travel Masters Golf Holidays.

Featuring FREE food and drink all day, plus competitions, massages, wide screen TVs showing the golf and much, much more, we aim to host the best party on the Augusta Strip during Masters week.

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Bill Muir says:

Not quite the same as reality … the tent is at least 20 minutes walk up a side of the busy road without a pavement to the north gate … The breakfast was below standard BUT the real problem was they ran out of food on Thursday night and the beer was stopped at 9pm …. we didn't get to tent until 8 20 pm all the YGT stall were only interested in reclaiming the badges !!!! But to top it all on the Sunday evening they ran out of beer & burgers at 7.40. I shared the last two beef burger with a nice lady from Hankley Common Golf Club !!!!! and the buffet once again was below par the staff at YGT are OK but the hospitality thing is just rubbish .To make use of it you would miss all the golf and be starving lol

HOWEVER the Masters is fantastic we went for a practice day as well as Thursday & Sunday I really enjoyed every minute while on the course ..even the queue to the toilets where the guy shouts out front 9 to the right back 9 to the left a little confusing until you work it out …. I would go back to the Masters in a heart beat but without the hospitality … I feel its unacceptable to run out of food and beer but even worse when spoke to the director his reply was have run out of beer !!!!


TheSpeedystyle1 says:

Rory, Your info reviews are getting better & better. I have wondered how I can do a Masters trip, after watching this I am sold. Last year I watched your Masters trip which was excellent but this info is priceless. Cannot wait to show the lads how we can do the trip, see you in the hospitality for a John Daly next year, cheers.


So what would be the approximate cost of the experience in the video?

prechtl3222 says:

Really enjoy the behind the scenes. Thanks for all of the tips, and keep up the great work Raymondo!

Uncle Adolf says:

I would love to give it to Ellen. Looks like she would be real fire cracker in the sack. I think she likes you too Ray. Go for it man!

ukjunglist26 says:

Jeez…there was a lot of vodka in that John Daly!! The alcohol is complimentary too???

Dexter Haven says:

A blatant commercial disguised as news.

MrShanghai34 says:

I see somebody put a thumb down…. why?????????

MrShanghai34 says:

Looks like you had an awesome day. I'm sitting here flipping the channels watching a lot of stuff…. Masters one of these days….. Thumb up

Mr Q says:

Living in US, can I still book with YGT?

Dave Allen says:

My god bruh, that looks immense!

Randy Mahony says:

Looks amazing, Rory I hope it was the lighting and not a sunburn cause you looked very red.

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