Watch This Lesson To Hit Your Driver Consistently Straight!

It is a mistake we see so many golfers make and it is a mistake we can so easily fix, so often and this was another one of those occasions. In this lesson it took Jason just 2 shots to get rid of his slice and consistently hit his driver straight.

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11 thoughts on “Watch This Lesson To Hit Your Driver Consistently Straight!

  1. i just cant hit driver again sometimes i find something that works and then it stops working i shot a net 69 the other day from the whites but could not stop slicing and the longer i went on the worse it got i have always sliced thought i was getting somewhere then started to pull the bejesus out of it now i cant even do that and i am back to slicing dont know where to go from here had loads of lessons but no one seems to be able to help me

  2. I took this to the range prior to my last round and my slice was instantly fixed. I’ve tried so many other things that resulted in a lot of swing thoughts in my head. I’m sticking with this.

  3. Well you failed to correct in 2 shots. Try correcting the slice in one shot !? By turning your club face inwards by 3 to 5mm at set up and then hitting..I.e. you are closing the face of your driver. If you are now drawing the ball too much ? Tinker with that 3 to 5mm.

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