The MOST FORGIVING Irons of 2023

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21 thoughts on “The MOST FORGIVING Irons of 2023

  1. So every year they been making game improvement golf clubs …. I still have my 1st 2006 big bertha irons and i still hitting consistent shot to the pin… i guess company wants to make money for sure…

  2. Its all subjective. I bought new irons since my existing set are well over 20 years old. I tried 2 of the brands you feature but they were knocked out of the park it terms of feel, balance, distance by the Cobra Aerojet irons. But they work for me. Others will have a different view.

  3. I think forgiveness is a little overused. Forgiveness comes down to the technique of the golf swing for how forgiving a shot will be and is also based at the strike point of the club face I.e hitting as close to the Sweet spot as possible. A golfer can have the best tech and budget available to them but if they lack the fundamental technique to hit the golf ball, no amount of club head technology is going to help. The technology is good and helping many novice/amateur golfers such as myself improve and set better scores and Forgiveness has its place. But i don't think its as quantifiable as the big brands hype it up to be.

  4. I tried several of these, and then the Mizuno 923s. I got the Mizinos and absolutely love them. They feel great and I am very happy with my choice….

  5. Loving your videos. I got fitted with some 0211’s a few weeks ago and have played two rounds so far. Coming from Wilson Ci11’s they certainly feel and look different. Being a 21 HCP I was hoping to improve my accuracy with my irons. So far the PXG’s have been great. I was really amazed at a few shots I’ve had with 5 iron going for greens at 185-195 yards. All three shots had great feel and ball flight and 2 stuck the greens which I always had trouble with before. My Wilson’s did have a bit more distance in mid to low irons but the forgiveness on the PXG’s will lead to better scores. I’ve actually fallen in love with Gap wedge as my short approach iron for 110-50 yards just adjusting the swing. It feels super buttery and holds the green well. I used or use my Cleveland 56° for this shot before. Love hearing you say the letter H as it sounds just like my Mom who is from Swindon. Cheers!

  6. I was getting my 790s regripped this weekend and was swinging those Stealth HD in the sim while waiting. They are the size of shovels! I couldn’t mis hit them. If I was a new or high handicap player I’d rock with those. Think I’m gonna recommend to my brother in law.

  7. I am a super game improvement fan! I have recently switched from Taylormade M6 irons and 3,4 hybrids to Stealth DHY and Stealth HD and a 7 wood. I now have a 4 and 5 DHY and stealth HD 7-PW. I have a cleveland sole 4 gap, chipper, and sw. Since I do not carry 3 wood, I have more room for my Mizuno T22 54 and sixty for a more for touch shots and super loft. Watching the Average golfer I was sold on the 7 wood and super game improvement irons. Thanks for your demos and dry ball data. I recommend this kind of set up in your bag if you are an Average golfer but hardly have time for practice. When you have time to practice, practice you putting and chipping like John Daley always says! I have followed your advice short of buying a 600 dollar lab putter.

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