100% Most forgiving Irons I ever tried! – Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons review

Cleveland Launcher Xl Halo Irons

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19 thoughts on “100% Most forgiving Irons I ever tried! – Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons review

  1. I'm 76 with a 5 handicap and I bought the XL Halo and I agree they are simply easy to hit and make the game more fun (and my handicap dropped 2 strokes this year)

  2. I play Titleist woods, driver and fairways, but have not been happy with the Titleist T300’s or T400’s. Then I saw your videos on the Cleveland Launcher XL irons and Halos. I took your suggestion to mix them up and now, very happily, play Cleveland CBX wedges, 7- DW Launcher Irons and 5 & 6 Halo irons. All, including the CBX wedges, in Project X Catalyst Senior shafts. Now my TSi1 driver and 5 & 7 woods and my combined XL Halos and XL irons have made the game exciting again! Thanks from this 79 year old golfer!!

  3. Aged 70 & recovering from a stroke which meant that my swing speed and balance affected. Bought these earlier this year (6tosw) and totally agree with your review Andy. These get balls airborne off a swing speed of around 75 & distance decent (125 with 6 iron). Don't think I can remember enjoying golf as much and these are ideal for seniors & slower swings. Also bought Hywood and XL halo 4&5 hybrids as well and these are also great. Great content Andy keep up the excellent work. Cheers.

  4. Once again, it was an excellent review. My problem is that I'm a new golfer and this is expensive! One day, I'll be able to buy a set like that. But until then, I'll be topping my OPB's (other people's balls – AKA, balls I've found) with my non brand name clubs. Really, who cares, I've yet to break 100.

  5. I play with a set of Cleveland CBX irons. I hit the 6 to Gap really well but can’t hit the 4 and 5 consistently. So I purchased the launcher xl 4 and 5 iron to replace them. Problem solved. I really don’t care what other golfers think about the looks

  6. First off, new subscriber and I love the channel. I have a set of the first iteration of the TaylorMade SIMs circa 2020 custom to 2” extensions (I’m 6’7”). Very forgiving and I get really great distance. But that actually was a bit of a problem. I tend to get a LOT of run with them so distance control was a bit of a crap shoot at times; can’t tell you how many times I had the perfect approach shot in, only to see it run right over the back of the green.
    About 6 months ago, I read about the HB Launchers (the precursor to the Halos you reviewed) and bought a set. Fell in love with them for the exact reasons you highlighted: high ball flight with a steep descent angle to hold greens. Unlike some reviewers have stated, I’m not at all put off by the look of them when I’m at address – I think the beefy sole helps. Even on mishits, the size of the club head makes sure you make contact to advance the ball.
    The one issue I do have with these is that I lost an average of about 10 yards per club versus my SIMs and there’s gap between my 6i and 7i – they both go about 160 yds (I hit my SIM 6i about 160-165 and my 7i about 175-180), so that has been frustrating. Minor but frustrating.
    Additionally, I’m wasn’t a fan of graphite shafts on irons and I’ve since fitted them all (4i – Pw) with single length KBS shafts (all are about a standard 4i length) – and they’re absolute gold. Still working with getting distance back but I have no complaints.
    I may give the Halos a look now as well once I’ve gotten a season of rounds under my belt with these.

  7. I’ve been golfing for about about 3 weeks. I’ve taken to it fairly well and have hit some great iron shots and some terrible. Inconsistent would be the name of my game right now. To be honest, I don’t know enough about the traditional ascetics of irons to know that these are substantially different. I think the market is strong for people like myself who don’t know what the “right way” is to begin with and are looking for all of the help we can get. I will definitely be checking these out. I’d personally rather have a chunky head and keep the ball on the fair way or green. Just my opinion though.

  8. I've seen a few favourable reviews of these clubs on YouTube. However none have mentioned the sand wedge. Any thoughts from golfers who have tried them?

  9. I have 2 sets no club snob here…Halo XL 4-PDS &
    PXG 0211 XCOR2 5-PGSL
    Both have my favorite shafts regular steel by having 2 sets it keeps me from buying new clubs because I am a club whore…which is set is better the one that I am playing next…I alternate if I’m off slightly they get benched…both sets are as good as it gets…6 hdcp…

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