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29 thoughts on “The NEW Technique! – The Easiest Swing for Amateur Golfers!

  1. As a 2.4 handicap, I just don't find many videos that speak to me. I'm an amateur but I don't look like that. Why can't coaches teach a couple different levels and not just 20+ers

  2. How can i send u my video for u to make analysis? Im doing exactly that with early extension, tho my shoulder angle doesnt seem that shallow like the amateur examples?

  3. Moving the golf ball closer helps with soooo much of this too!!! Move the ball closer to your feet!!! Especially with driver, almost uncomfortably close!!

  4. Am watching video after video of yours. Really good info and drills. One thing about the position of the right arm here where you stop the motion with shaft parallel to the ground is that the right elbow for the pros is always tight to the belt and usually a bit in front of the body at the waist, while so many of us amateurs end up with the right elbow away from the body and coming in to the side of the waist. One thing that helps is on the backswing to keep the elbows close together so that the right forearm will be quite vertical and the right elbow will be at the side, almost still in front, not lifting up and back (which forces the forearm to be more horizontal). From that position it is easier to bring the right arm/elbow down and at the belt just in front of the waist. Keeping the shoulders tilted as you instruct and the right ear pointing at the ball is also part and parcel of this move with the right arm slightly bent at contact.

  5. I recently made changes to my wrist angle which improved my distance and ball striking consistency. Going away for 3 day golf trip this weekend. I'll try to use some of this knowledge..might be the final piece of the puzzle. Try to break 90 in all 3 rounds.

  6. What I'm confused about is: you have possibly three ways to steepen the shoulders when coming into impact: 1) drive the left hip back perpendicular to the ball, 2) work the hands close to the body, or 3) intentionally dip the right shoulder down.

    This has to be repeatable. Which one should a plagued early extender like myself focus on. #1 ala Mike Malaska's instructions is very difficult, #3 is hard to do with longer clubs…your thoughts please.

  7. i think this action of the steep shoulder angle into impact can be triggered from one of two sources: either conscious shoulder dipping or shoving the lead hip back away from the ball. Both will promote less early extension and right foot rolling towards the target at impact as opposed to kicking up and towards the ball.

    Each person will find one trigger easier than the other.

  8. Zalitoris's swing is killing his back. If you look at impact his spine is so crooked compared to Rahm. Rahm's spine is pretty straight at impact. Will's spine at impact is so crooked and compressed it hurts looking at that. Alot of the young golfers are swinging this way and it's killing their back. No reason someone that young should be having back problems like that.

  9. Wow!! I thought the club head was a close-up to the camera that showed the actual movement, and it was pretty nice, but realized that it was actually ten times bigger than a regular club head!! That was really funny. Im' 73 and there is only so much tilt left in this ol' body, but the idea is great for those who are able to flex to pro degrees. Thx.

  10. Really great video! The drill to try and pass the grip without touching the wall suddenly gave me this feel of pressure going into my left heal and moving backwards ?

  11. Isn't the issue that amateurs hips stall much more and stay stalled much longer than pros causing terrible RL sidebend. And yes, that position is dangerous, especially for anyone with low back problems.

  12. This is not a new thing; go back further and look at Ben Hogans swing, arguably one of the best ball strikers of all time, the amount of rotation he had was unreal

  13. How does YouTube know that I’m working on genuinely exactly this with my coach without me searching for it online at all?? Fantastic stuff! ??

  14. rotation rotation and more rotation…….this was my last piece of my puzzle at 4.9 ghin….head toward scratch……left shoulder down back swing right should down and forward in thru swing With your head staying behind the ball. Working rt shoulder under ie down shallows the club and gets you in the slot. Dont stall your body just rotate to a full finish

  15. trying to do basically this alongside a few other things to help my god awful slice.
    had a range session on wednesday and hot about 60 balls, really tried not to rush it, take my time with each shot and not just fire them away one after the other.
    sadly my lower back really really hurt afterwards up until pretty much today where its getting better.
    im 25, healthy but not very strong. im 195cm tall and have an office job where i sit about 8 hrs a day, doesnt help that i dont play any other sport and mostly sit at home also.
    what are some good excercises or streches i can do to not blow my back out while playing golf?
    a start would be to not swing as hard as i do, i often get in the bad habit of absolutely ripping at it wich certainly doenst help

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