The Only DRVERS I Would Play To The GRAVE…

The 3 top drivers I would happily play for the rest of my golfing career and why I think these stand out for me.

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15 thoughts on “The Only DRVERS I Would Play To The GRAVE…

  1. F9 is a great driver. I had it in the bag for about four seasons. I have since moved on from it but I still keep it for when I’m not hitting the driver how I want. It’s like a old pair of shoes you can’t throw away.

  2. Ok, just bought Taylormade M2, 2016 ,stiff flex with head cover for £115.99 inc postage, cant wait to try it out, i trust your judgement.

  3. I just picked up the Epic Flash thinking it would be more forgiving than the GBB Epic. It’s also newer than the GBB Epic but now I want to try the GBB Epic too.

  4. Had the cobra, sold it and bought the M2 two years ago and it's still in the bag. Hit the Rogue ST max and g425 the other day and the m2 beat them both. Phenomenal driver.

  5. Great content Simon, Ping and Cobra definitely on my list as I’m looking to update the 20 year old clubs in my bag. Would love to see a similar video for irons, hybrids and fairways – unless you already have one?

  6. Interesting. I played the GBB for the past 4 years. Recently upgraded to the ping g425 lst, and it is so much longer and more forgiving. I'm getting 20 – 30 metres more, and hitting significantly more fairways.

  7. I went from gaming the M2 to original SIM with weight track and couldn't be happier. Higher launch lower spin than M2, hits bombs, great look and still decent on mishits.

  8. Still play my F9. Looooooooooonnnnnngggg. Also, it's the second head. I caved the first one in at the range in 2021 (having bought the thing in 2020), and Cobra sent me a brand new head free of cost! They stand by their clubs.

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