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20 thoughts on “We Bought THE WORST Golf Clubs EVER RELEASED… CAN I STILL WIN!?

  1. My dad sold me his old clubs for 60 quid. They are wilson, not the best but the irons and wedges I've really got used to. Id like new woods/ driver but even second hand it's a stretch on the purse.

  2. Got my ping G25 for 800 new with military discount, free RBZ stage 2 driver from dad, Free G20 3 wood, new G425 5 wood 225$, free vokey 56, Odysee stroke lab 7 for 150$.

  3. I have the Nike ignite 002 putter and I wouldn't trade it for any other putter. At my level as a player , I feel it is as good as anything anyone is offering now.

  4. Great match and really fun to watch. You stitched Gaz up properly. Why not make it really interesting and do the same match but swapping clubs. As a wise man said!!!!!!!

  5. All things considered Gaz played reasonable with the clubs. But for the amount of complaining, he should be made to play with ladies clubs with ladies or seniors flex for a complete season ?

    It would be really interesting to see how they play if they swap clubs round for a part 2

  6. James Robinson Golf is a FRAUD! Do Not TRUST Him! Months ago I said the following: "James: Please reach out to me re your MIZUNO 225 Give-Away. I WON! The people you have running your golf give away videos are criminal. You need to get rid of them before they harm other subscribers. They asked for $143.65 S/H which I expected and paid because I thought you were running an honest You Tube Business. I didn't expect a "Customs Fee'". The USA Government says, "If you're importing something for your own personal use or as a gift for someone else, you don't have to pay them". NOT GOOD JAMES! Why would you expect anyone to watch your reviews when you run your business this way? You’re just another Talking Head! Subscriber's Be Aware! Be Guarded!

  7. Love the excuse count…..LOL as for my clubs, all but 3 wedges are second hand in my bag (which is a callaway diablo edge stand bag that i picked off the curb) callaway 2016 big bertha fusion driver head off fb market place:$40 (add another 30 for the matrix ozik white tie 7×3 shaft i pulled out of another driver got from a thrift store and adapter) TM r9 3 and 5w, $4 each thrifted, callaway razr x 3h,thrifted $2, ping isi BeCu 4i thrifted$2, callaway x series N415 6-aw, thrifted $30, vokey sm4 oilcan 48°, thrifted $2, warrior custom grind 52,56 and 60° wedges $30 for all 3 brand new from rock bottom golf black friday sale, and an oddesey 3ball white steel SRT putter thrifted for $20, added a superstroke pistol gt 2.0 for anaditional $30.

  8. This was never going to be a fair fight. Every club in Gary’s bag lacked uniformity – grip, shaft, loft, bounce, and offset. That would give even the best golfer problems. A rematch is in order.

  9. I used to have that Nike driver. I could hit that further than my older Callaway Diablo driver believe it or not. It had a light weight shaft which could account for it. The plastic medallion in the rear cavity broke up so I was left with half a medallion ?
    I had no trouble selling it for reasonable money after 4 years when I bought a Cobra Radspeed driver. If a good golfer can play with almost anything a high handicap golfer will not improve with expensive equipment.

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