The Perfect Driver Setup – Golf Driving Tips

In this Porzak Golf Lesson Adam helps Billy with some Driver Tips showing Billy the proper Driver Setup and a more connected backswing! Grab 3 Free Videos To Gain Distance Now –

In this golf lesson from Porzak Golf, Adam helps Billy with some golf driver tips and getting the right driver setup. The golf driver basics, have to do with the proper driver setup position. We hope you enjoy this Golf Driver Lesson from Porzak Golf.

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13 thoughts on “The Perfect Driver Setup – Golf Driving Tips

  1. Adam, thank you once again, with the driver I seem to lack the ability to create tumble, my ball looks like it going far but to find out the ball hits and stops or rolls out a few yards, where other players hits the ball much shorter than I do but get so much roll they catch up to me, any ideas or prior videos you can point me too? Thank you in advance. Peter

  2. Do you have your players leave the hands in front of their body on driver too or allow a little more "length" of the backswing for distance?

  3. Adam, what would you say the weight distribution be between lead and rear feet at set up? 50: 50? Doesn’t setting up with the lead hip left and back an inch, open the hip alignment a tad? (Ever slightly left to target?)

  4. Adam, do you like the trail foot pulled back away from the target line a bit to help neutralize the path or get to an in-to-out path? Or do good players typically draw driver with a square stance?

  5. Oddly, I’ve never been told about the criss-crossed lines with driver but I’ve always felt it when I put the driver behind the ball at address. Now I’ve been setting the club ~2-3” behind the ball at address. Keeps my lines dialed and really promotes a good release to the ball. Thanks for explaining why this works. I get it it now & im not crazy and can explain to playing partners why now instead of, “it’s just works”

  6. 1:45 why is it important that one faces the centre of your stance? If one attempts to turn as far back (within reason) as possible, how does the starting position matter? Thanks

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