The Ryder Cups Funniest Golf Moment

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The Ryder Cups Funniest Golf Moment with Mark Crossfield, Kevin Harper, Matthew Lockey and Rory from YourGolfTravel. 18th The Belfry O'Connor 2 iron against Fred Couples. Watch the guys recreate this Ryder Cup magical moment at one of golfs most famous spots. This is a funny recreation with some great golf shots and some truly great shots.

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mightymogul1 says:

#CoachLockey, a quality shot. #luckfield proves he has a pact with the
devil. thanks guys.

Doug Rivet says:


Richard Walker says:

Poor blockey… #sadpanda. Even when he’s on he can’t seem to win haha. 

straight True says:

Great shot Lockey.
I have an unrelated question…….for anyone to answer…… at what
handicap should a golfer start wearing a golfers ‘white belt’ without
looking like a complete tool on the course ?

Teddy Irons says:

Never laughed so much at a golf video! Great stuff!

french13 says:

He did the cross “Because he’s Irish” !!

Kr0pD says:

#TeamLockey #Magic

Michaud Venant says:

#coachlockey #sorelooser ? though with the goading from #gabfield you
actually never can be a sore looser, he makes it impossible :D

runestone72 says:

Great vid as usual. Replicating famous golf shots from history, such as
this, would be an awesome fixture Mr C.
I’d also love to see you guys go around using old equipment combinations
and even plus-fours.

P-M Meiners says:

two verry nice shots! Well done Mark, Coach Lockey!!! Great video.

Bruce Lee says:

Can’t believe you’re at the belfry! Come to west Midlands golf club!

Kevin Martin says:

Hahahahaha unlucky Lockey…

parttroll1 says:

Ah members bounce there Mark? Or as we call them good use of contours ;D

mark bailey says:

Oh Lockey, Lockey, Lockey. You got robbed mate! #flukey

Matthew Collins says:

Pheonix from the Flames Golf!!! 

Ed Holden says:

Ha! ‘Cause he’s Irish!’ – brilliant.

mark bing says:

Ferkin rubbish don’t mention Ryder …when it concerns your ego
…dickwit !!

Fast-Foward 1 says:

Ur lessons r brilliant, well done keep the work up and also I bought ur

maxxsee says:

cOULDN’T HELP CRACKING UP AFTER 2ND shot in contrast to the first =)

Paul Scheuer says:

Possibly your best video ever! Great shot Matt! #LockeyMagic Mark, enjoy
your soul while it still belongs to you. That was so wrong! Hahahahaha!

00Phat12345 says:

At first I genuinely thought the first two guys were Bubba Watson and Charl

Doug Hore says:

Sometimes it is all in the luck of the bounce, nice shots both of you.
Personally I would have been ecstatic with Harper’s, even though I would
have probably ended up with Rory. 😉 

stevedgolfer says:

Lol on my to work on the bus

Barry Bauer says:

That was pretty darned funny exhibition of golf!

Barnaby Ross says:

2 mins enough for me, whats so funny? whats it to do with ryder cup?

Ian Blackburn says:

Haha great vid. Great shot, funny shot, good shot spawny shot #steal 🙂
youtube gold!!!

Sushi Oji says:

Man he looked really pissed lol

XesserX says:

Mark, how could you do that to poor old Lockey?! Lockeys shot was clearly
the best! Golf is such a cruel game…

Zoe TheCat says:



TREXgameplay says:

Great shot matt with the 2 iron it’s like 6 ft away well done great video
again matt #lockeymagic

youdubie says:

There were no moments from the Ryder Cup

acer16 says:

Simply Magic, I can’t think of any other words…………………..

craig jamieson says:

did you not try to drive the 10th like sam torrance?

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