The Ryder Cups Funniest Golf Moment

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The Ryder Cups Funniest Golf Moment with Mark Crossfield, Kevin Harper, Matthew Lockey and Rory from YourGolfTravel. 18th The Belfry O'Connor 2 iron against Fred Couples. Watch the guys recreate this Ryder Cup magical moment at one of golfs most famous spots. This is a funny recreation with some great golf shots and some truly great shots.

33 thoughts on “The Ryder Cups Funniest Golf Moment

  1. Great shot Lockey.
    I have an unrelated question…….for anyone to answer…… at what
    handicap should a golfer start wearing a golfers ‘white belt’ without
    looking like a complete tool on the course ?

  2. Great vid as usual. Replicating famous golf shots from history, such as
    this, would be an awesome fixture Mr C.
    I’d also love to see you guys go around using old equipment combinations
    and even plus-fours.

  3. Possibly your best video ever! Great shot Matt! #LockeyMagic Mark, enjoy
    your soul while it still belongs to you. That was so wrong! Hahahahaha!

  4. Sometimes it is all in the luck of the bounce, nice shots both of you.
    Personally I would have been ecstatic with Harper’s, even though I would
    have probably ended up with Rory. 😉 

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