The Secret Lives Of Tiger Woods

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Mox_au says:

he likes having sex with women….whoa, what is this world coming to, the
only man in history!!!!

max sanchez says:

His Dad taught him Golf & how to Cheat on his wife…

Ana says:

A woman who takes money gifts etc from a man for sex is a prostitute.

Lambsquad_90 says:

Only white women can take this much bs. from a man.

rosalind earp says:

I wonder what celebrities they were talking about that wanted women. If you
are paid to get laid wouldn’t that be the biggest insult for a prostitute
to want to get fired rather than have sex with your celebrity ass? Who are
these rich people getting hookers fired for not wanting to give up the

Exodus Pessoa says:

Well put Charles Barkley this is the only thing I liked about this stupid
documentary. 38:56 

spaceweed10 says:

Fair play, Tiger. Just doing what every other red-blooded male would be
doing in his position /shrug.

l don says:

These women have to get it through their head except his wife that they are
just sluts and they should know they roll, lay on your back and just scream
yes yes,lol these woman slept with this man knowing his married ,Tiger to
blame for the too, he brought those sluts in to his wife life, He had a
good wife and messed up big time he is bigger slut,of them all,. He must of
know these type of girls are not loyal, hilarious

Yoda Ydyxz says:

I have one question, Why do rich back american men tend to choose only
particular type of women once they are rich? To be specific white women?
is marrying a white lady and having particular skin colour children is
considered some form of privilege in black community? or do they hate the
dark skin tone if they have children from black women like themselves? 

Richelieu Mazarin says:

I think he is prejudice……you never see him with a black woman.

Lambsquad_90 says:

A gang of white whores crippled a Blasian empire. Lmbao.

MISS *M*E* says:

asian women always see military men as a way out of poverty

garry hixon says:


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