Tiger Woods 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational – FINAL ROUND

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North South West says:

Jesus, dont want to be on the receiving end of that swing.

Branislav Staník says:

Tiger Woods 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational – FINAL ROUND

LS7Liverpool says:

swing at 4:27 kinda looked like his old stinger draw swing with haney.

MrZoomzs says:

4:27…… oh such power! I want that

MyFavoriteRapSongs says:

the contact at 2:36! divot flew 50 yds

quinnzilla1 says:

somebody said “Get in the hole!” on literally every shot.

preppy187 says:

yep, most if not all the great players of the past have dipped the head.
Which is really just lowering the body into the ground to use as power and

Cloran says:

The back of each entry ticket should read: “Anyone caught yelling
ridiculous catch phrases (ie. “Get in the hole,” “You the man,” “Noonan,”
et al) will receive a swift katate chop to the larynx.” It’s time we take
back our tournaments! Who’s with me?!

Johnathan Wilson says:

The ball contacts sound like a scene out of a Kung fu movie lol. Insane

alwaysaround watching says:

I can swing like that, even do the “whirly bird,” I just don’t want too.

MrElculver2424 says:

No he hasn’t. Just had a bad week. Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy had
terrible weeks at the Masters too. Have they lost it? No. You don’t lost
talent. The way Tiger played at Bay Hill was extraordinary and he is on the
verge of being back. Just needs a little more confidence in majors and he
will win one soon. His new swing looks absolutely fantastic and his stats
are better than they have been in over 10 years.

Yuuyan says:

white shoes….

golferr72 says:

Every shot sounds so pure.

ipodtouch2gful says:

oh my god show the outcomes of the shots!!!!!!! jese

Nency Joujoukaka says:


tubbsy91 says:

you say that but he is world number 2 and has won 3 pga tour events this
season and mcilroy has won 4, hes keeping up with a very talented golfer,
all he has lost is trust of his new swing, when he gets back to feeling
comfortable with it properly he will be world number 1 again.

yUmaRouS says:

i want Johnny Miller to show us someone who’s head doesn’t go down in the
down swing. It is just impossible for the head to not go down.Mcilroy,
Westwood, Donald and even Miller himself goes way down.

dairniel says:

Why do people shout “get in the hole” after every shot. He probably thinks
your all idiots.

MyFavoriteRapSongs says:

life sucked before dvr

R700Nile says:

Shwack…….GET IN THE HOLE!!!!!! Awww:(

Callum Slaven says:

i say his 50% winning average this year begs to differ

Billy Byrnes says:

Thanks uploader! Great to see him win, he hit it really flush all day!

qdE uä says:

His swing has probably never looked better then it did at 2012 ArnoldPalmer

tcfreestyler123x says:

i love the new swing

RK831 says:

Tiger Woods has won at Gay Hill so many times. He owns that course!

Dutchie Gamer says:

I used to swing like that with the head coming down at impact. It keeps you
from releasing the golf club properly as a result my natural ball flight
became a fade so i spent 3 months training to keep the head from coming
down. Now I have a straight ball flight but under pressure in tournaments i
can always go back to it and have a reliable go-to fade.

KenPhantom5 says:

Show the result of the shot plz k thnx bai

RedDigressions says:

Just had to mention the head dropping didn’t they, even when he wins the
feckin’ tournament….

tcfreestyler123x says:

I can’t believe they still talk about his head dip like it’s an issue he’s
won like a million times ha!. maybe he tried not to dip and hit it crap and
thought screw this.

wollaton666 says:

everytime i hear someone say get in the hole i feel like killing myself…
shutup you twats its a golf course not a football match!

samimalmstrom says:

Anybody wondering if dipping your head during the golf swing really affects
the performance and efficiency of the swing as these ‘wanne-be’ expert
commentators presume, then I recommend you all to watch golf swing
analysis’ on youtube by waynedefrancesco, just type it in as written. You
wont be disappointed.

audiopro316 says:

I would say the way he played at Bay Hill was “extraordinary”, certainly
not to Tiger’s standards. He was swinging it well, but not striking it like
he was back in 99-02.

kearndog100 says:

Get in the hole.

golfer95100 says:

How about that shot he jerked OB!…jk someone screamed so ill give him
that one…seriously though Bay Hill, Memorial, plus im hoping he repeats
the Tiger slam again this year and next Masters

jose4891 says:

I can’t do anything in life as good as Tiger can hit his 3-wood.

Nency Joujoukaka says:

The intro is so GOOD!

TheXultun7000 says:

das macht spass

173954borges says:

Awesome video.

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