The SECRET to Ben Hogan’s “laying off the club” Golf Tip

Tom Bertrand, one of the leading authorities on Ben Hogan's fundamentals and principles, gives insight into the actions and reactions of ‘laying the golf club off' properly.

11 thoughts on “The SECRET to Ben Hogan’s “laying off the club” Golf Tip

  1. I finally remembered the other golfer who had a very pronounced "lay off" of the club. Lee Trevino did this also. This laying off of the clubhead promotes the heal to be the leading edge at contact….

  2. I've been studying hogans swing and have noticed this "laying off" of the club on numerous videos. Another difference I see with hogan is the very sharp angle in his wrists at the top of the backswing, between the club shaft and his left arm, its much sharper with hogan. The left thumb is very important in "hinging" the wrists properly. Finally, one thing about hogan most don't know is he was always squeezing a tennis ball or using one of those spring loaded hand strengthener devices, to strengthen his hands and forearms.

  3. Too complicated for the average golfer.
    Besides, I have watched many old film lessons with Ben Hogan himself and he doesn't talk about this.
    He keeps the swing simple!

  4. Tom, Might the cupped left wrist be flattened in the "laying off" by a pulling down of the right wrist rather than pushing down on the left wrist?. That would be consistent with a right-handed baseball pitcher who creates torque in the right wrist during the wind-up and releases that torque during the delivery.

  5. Interesting. THis is what my swing has changed to recently and I'm playing better golf now. I have an atypical laid off backswing but bowed wrist coming thru, it works for me

  6. All you need to know is the club face should be square on impact, hands in front of the ball, head behind it. How you get to that point doesn't matter.

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