Ben Hogan Slow Motion Swing Rare Documentary

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Luke Kerr-Dineen/ USA Today to about this video:
“Somebody set Ben Hogan's golf swing to classical music and it's beautiful”
“Ben Hogan is one of — if not the — best golfers of all time. His career was halted first by World War II and then by a horrifying car crash that ruined his eyesight and almost left him paralyzed below his waist. But somehow he recovered enough to collect nine majors and probably would’ve won the Grand Slam in 1953. He didn’t because back then the PGA Championship was held on the same week as the British Open, so Hogan opted to travel to his first and only British Open and win that instead.

He did it all boasting a marvelous golf swing, one that is still studied by golf instructors today. And now, we have it set to classical music. Throw in the headphones, shut the door, click play on the video above and enjoy the gentle bliss in all its glory.”

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sobojetty says:

Wonderful upload; really appreciate it.

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who is the Korean chick in your picture?

berger meister says:

what is the name of this music?

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Yub, i never seen it before, thanks for upload.

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Merlin Penson says:

One of most Major winner!

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really really rare documentary! thanks for upload!

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