The swing move 95% of amateur’s still get wrong (golf swing tips)

Mark Crossfield, golf professional, shares some golf swing secrets that could help many golfers. Learn from what the pros do and amateur golfers don't.

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20 thoughts on “The swing move 95% of amateur’s still get wrong (golf swing tips)

  1. If you aren’t feeling quite a bit of pressure in your feet, during your swing, then you’re doing it wrong. About halfway back in the takeaway you should be applying the brakes with your right foot. This isn’t “weight shift” necessarily. It’s “pressure shift”. I then feel like I’m falling down, and into my left leg in transition. Then simply apply the brakes with your left foot into the ground to get that “snap” through impact. These athletic movements are crucial if you wanna hit the ball far. Using something heavy is a brilliant way to feel the “braking system” of your legs, and feet. Great video.

  2. Yeah, after 50 years playing, non of thus actually works consistently. You can't release a golf club, it bounces. You bump your hips into a chronic back problem… it's all a dream. Have fun. Good luck.

  3. LOL… that critique of Mummy Parfield was a funny surprise. I appreciate this clarification of the difference between the bump and the slide. I did some work on this last year as I felt as though I wasn’t really clearing my hips to rotate. It felt a little interesting at first because of the feeling of the pushes and pulls on the body. However, I did get used to it and I felt my strikes get a lot better. Thanks Mark! Still loving these videos years into it!!!

  4. Thank you! Recently start of year felt like I prepared all winter and came out fating shots, hooks, etc.. I was frustrated because I will use many grips strong and weak to help shape shots. But in this case everything was closed to extreme and path was off. Simply by getting more weight to my lead side with in start of back swing fixed path and face! I think over time I start chasing distance by using weight instead of pressure. Over time this destroys my swing. I know better but I still do this through out the year. Thank you for your swing cataylst information and drills. So helpful. This is my year for breaking 80.

  5. I have been working on this for about 6 months. It works. But the biggest problem I have is not completing my shoulder turn in the backswing.

  6. Swing club around your body, horizontally, as if you're swinging a baseball bat. You will notice all of your body movements are reactionary, not conscious. The main problem i have with golf instructions is that, often being, move this here, shift your weight, keep wrist flat etc. When you swing horizontally, you'll notice soo much, even your trail arm comes into the body, right arm, right hip, no casting.

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