The swingless POWERED golf club – 200 yards NO SWING

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Watch the full video here:

Upgrayedd says:

Cant wait for the .50 cal model.

Da So says:

I always new Rick had Jedi mind powers

Arran Woollett says:

What’s with all the shorts Rick?

Neil Amalfitano says:

Stop being so lazy Rick and put out some real content for us lol………..hope all is well

Jordache Tramp says:

Love your vids rick❤️

Clueless says:

you should swing and press the button at the same time!

Cane Corso says:

Waste of money

Will Duffy says:

I could shank that, no bother

Kory Leistico says:

There would probably be a flaw in me pressing down on a button and I would still shank them

TheGC says:

You should play a round against a tour pro with the illegal clubs and ball.

Mark Freese says:

That cheating 😆

Infradig says:

the only way i could hit the fairway with a driver

Ronald Reagan says:

Please do another video where you do match play with your three golf buddies you are by far the funniest and most laid back of the four

Felipe Pacheco says:

You could Go to a shooting range and ask the guys to load the charges with some extra power 😀

Michael Knisely says:

I hate all these "shorts" clogging up my feed. YouTube, why are you wanting creators to do this?

LesterOW says:

What’s the point of this club how would it be any fun?

Clint Wilber says:

These gimmick club vids are getting kind of old Rick. I followed your channel for a long time. I'm sure it's hard coming up with new ideas.

DJ Rondo says:

I knew it was only a matter of time… I’m done working out 🏋️‍♀️

The Ironman says:

This is an old video.

Chris Earle says:

Is that legal? lol

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