3 Tips That Will Change Your Driving FOREVER! | Distance And Accuracy GUARANTEED | ME AND MY GOLF

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3 Tips That Will Change Your Driving FOREVER! | Distance And Accuracy GUARANTEED – In this weeks video we provide you with 3 tips that WILL change your driving forever! These tips will not only help you hit it further but will also help provide your driving with a lot more accuracy off the tee!

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Meandmygolf says:

Hopefully all these tips are hopeful to you, but which one do you think can make the biggest impact on your game?🤔🏌️‍♂️

Ginger Peachy says:

Tour Pro's don't hit up, they hit 1-2% down with the driver. Biggest myth in golf.

Ashwin Kumar says:

You guys have amazing animations and overlays (for ball angle/club swing etc) – Love it!
Can you also do some slo-motion shots/drills with the driver? (or include slo-mo into the videos) – easier than trying to pause at back/downswings.

Tim Bodine says:

Thanks Andy and Piers! I have a stiff flex driver, I am 30 and athletic, and have a faster club speed. But I tried my dad's regular flex driver, and I was hitting it much better and more consistent. My biggest issue is early releasing, so would a regular flex driver give me just a bit more lag? Thanks for the help!

Breffini O Donovan says:

Great tips guys and really like the channel as you break it down into easily consumed bits for the amateur golfer to take in.. Thanks 🙏

martin perez says:

Nice video. I slice constantly. Have to correct the swing as the ball goes much to the right.

Tony says:

these two always look good. They must diet well and exercise.

Harry Young says:

Thanks again lads. 👍🏻

Rhyan Juarez says:

I slice a bit not at bad as I use to but I don’t have much distance

Brian says:

I'm experiencing quite a few sky shots off the drive recently. What usually causes this? Ty

Donna says:

Hey ! What’s up w Andy wearing different colored trousers???? You’re supposed to be matching! This is quite upsetting! 🤦‍♀️great video otherwise guys!!

0331 says:

I got the slice gone for the most part but I inherited a long straight left pull. Also, for some reason when I add the focus on swinging up on the ball I send a lot right.

Overall, many more straight and long. Registering a good handful at the 290 mark but consistency is still a major issue. Last time out I had about 6 out of 11, what I consider, acceptable drives. 5 really nowhere near a fairway.

Chris Lebron says:

I have a straight pull to the right on 75-80% of my drives.

MV Rosie says:

I'm the oddity that only draws and not a hook. Its a good draw but I can't ever get myself to fade lol

Michiel Wijnholds says:

i am blocking it out to the right what to do

Jenn Zobel says:

I used to slice everything, and seemed to fix it with a strong grip. Now, all of sudden, I'm hooking everything, and if not a hook, it's terrible contact that results in 50 yard skips.

Seamus H says:

How many different kits do you'se have?!!

Stephen Walker says:

Just subscribed and started with your older videos, some ace stuff. Payed my first round the other day complete newbie. Now I've seen your content I can't wait to get back out there and try a few things. Must say you guys seem a little salty with each other compared to the old stuff! Stay fresh, really great videos!

RIC Ric says:

Struggling with longer backswing to get more club head speed

Phil Robinson says:

Which one of you two got the trouser colour tone wrong? 🤣🤣

Joseph Pettway says:

I have been struggling with that exact thing, some times a push slice

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