3 Tips That Will Change Your Driving FOREVER! | Distance And Accuracy GUARANTEED | ME AND MY GOLF

3 Tips That Will Change Your Driving FOREVER! | Distance And Accuracy GUARANTEED – In this weeks video we provide you with 3 tips that WILL change your driving forever! These tips will not only help you hit it further but will also help provide your driving with a lot more accuracy off the tee!

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21 thoughts on “3 Tips That Will Change Your Driving FOREVER! | Distance And Accuracy GUARANTEED | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. You guys have amazing animations and overlays (for ball angle/club swing etc) – Love it!
    Can you also do some slo-motion shots/drills with the driver? (or include slo-mo into the videos) – easier than trying to pause at back/downswings.

  2. Thanks Andy and Piers! I have a stiff flex driver, I am 30 and athletic, and have a faster club speed. But I tried my dad's regular flex driver, and I was hitting it much better and more consistent. My biggest issue is early releasing, so would a regular flex driver give me just a bit more lag? Thanks for the help!

  3. Hey ! What’s up w Andy wearing different colored trousers???? You’re supposed to be matching! This is quite upsetting! ?‍♀️great video otherwise guys!!

  4. I got the slice gone for the most part but I inherited a long straight left pull. Also, for some reason when I add the focus on swinging up on the ball I send a lot right.

    Overall, many more straight and long. Registering a good handful at the 290 mark but consistency is still a major issue. Last time out I had about 6 out of 11, what I consider, acceptable drives. 5 really nowhere near a fairway.

  5. I used to slice everything, and seemed to fix it with a strong grip. Now, all of sudden, I'm hooking everything, and if not a hook, it's terrible contact that results in 50 yard skips.

  6. Just subscribed and started with your older videos, some ace stuff. Payed my first round the other day complete newbie. Now I've seen your content I can't wait to get back out there and try a few things. Must say you guys seem a little salty with each other compared to the old stuff! Stay fresh, really great videos!

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