'The team were devestated' | Atherton on England's loss to New Zealand in T20 World Cup

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Michael Atherton analyses England's loss in their semi-final game of the T20 World Cup against New Zealand and what he believes will happen next for the squad.

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J T says:

The overhyped teams like Ind, WI in group stages and now overconfident teams loosing in semis wish NZ all the best to win this cup this time !!! The most humble team New Zealand !!!

Pranjal Akhade says:

That's absolutely rubbish from atherton to say least team have won the 1983 wc final.Kapil Dev & his indian team have earned the hard fought place in that final of wc 1983 which was in itself was difficult to achieve & knowing the inventor of the game themselves took so many years to win that title; To win the title on that day in the final on the neutral venue vs mighty oppent was a real proud thing for every indian.The way Michale Atherton put that victory in this video is obnoxious!

Krishna R says:

Whether its India or England, after some choke and underperformance, they have to say they are devastated. There isn’t an option in those pressers. If they say they are delighted, they would be catching banana peels.


Drop those useless Jordan and Curran

Ashutosh Singh says:

Morgan should be removed…..

Mukesh Kumar says:

I think England with full team should win the match

Novel Entertainment says:

Win the toss and win the game

Shubham Raj says:

England full of allrounders bowling finally backfire, NZ came with plan against England batsman and restrict them to 20 runs short.

Let Bagons Be Bagons says:

I am more devastated at the state of the Sky Sports Cricket Youtube admin's spelling.

Alan says:

As usual. Cocky England.
Beat Australia and carried on way too much.
Now England are out and Australia may win the whole thing.

chinmaya jena says:

England did not have good powerplay batter/bowlers in T20 whose avg is more than 150-200 SR or under 6-7 run per over
, when its pressure game they don't deliver. they were short of 30 runs, why can't they score 200 , so that it wld have beyond NZ's reach. Whatever was working before does not give a warranty to work in future game.

Rajesh Ashwatthama says:

Why did Jordan panic ?

Sumir Sookdeo says:

Bring back Hales

Rex T says:

Devastated ? Seriously ? Someone's gotta loose. Respect the Kiwis for a great job done – they didn't win on a technicality like England did in the ODI. By all rights the Kiwis should be the ones holding all three World Cups simultaneously.

Roshan Tiwari says:

A British based Channel getting the spelling wrong of a title 😂

ken ab says:

pls bring back hales

ken ab says:

now you will understand the value of alex hales

indian singh says:

Welcome to the losers club 😁

Hi says:

Micky Mouse cricket-Morgan won the important one.

Kendon says:

Where is the highlights ?

Desi Bhai says:

Hahahahaaa!!!! I'm sooo happy that England lost!!!! Don't like them at all. The boundary count champs have now qualified for London airport😆😆😆

Pranav Sundararajan says:


Kdumar Kdumar says:

💔💔💔💔 I am sure that england will come back for Ashes

Boris McQueen says:

England were dvestatdde, or however you spell it right?

MI 💙💙 says:

England can't win anything. All they won after ages was the 2019 wc that too courtesy of a flawed system.

kittu chaubey says:

England is devastated ..on the other hand for india its just two bad games😂😂..U cant have some bad overs or powerplay or match..if u want to win Icc trophy.

insanelyrandom says:

that guy on the sofa is very camera aware almost as if he needs attention

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