The TOP 5 Driver For MID/LOW HANDICAP Golfers of 2023!

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The TOP 5 Driver For MID/LOW HANDICAP Golfers of 2023!


Steve Wilson says:

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday too

Steve Wilson says:

Great job James.

Gaz Owens says:

No tsr in the list….. nearly made me unsubscribe. Travesty.

Giuseppe Alletto says:

👉 I love this content!!! 🥰 I'm an italian contemporary artist 🔶 I've just posted a Relaxing Video about some Luxury Golf Clubs and Fields 🟥

DRE says:

5 Months Ago I said, "James: Please reach out to me re your MIZUNO 225 Give-Away. The people you have running your golf give away videos are criminal. You need to get rid of them before they harm other subscribers. They asked for $143.65 S/H which I expected and paid because I thought you were running an honest You Tube Business. I didn't expect a "Customs Fee'". The USA Government says, "If you're importing something for your own personal use or as a gift for someone else, you don't have to pay them". Now, they've ceased communication with me. IT'S NOT GOOD JAMES! Subscriber's Be Aware! Be Guarded!

Mick Rogers says:

I've upgraded this year to the PING G430, Driver, 3 and 5 hybrid and a 7 wood.. Love them all!!

Anand Shah says:

I use a TSR2

John M says:

Happy belated birthday mate

Mark Woods says:

Happy Birthday James! You share a birthday with my late father. Have a great day.

Nathan l says:

Im using the Srixon zx5 mkii 9.5 driver with the mitsubishi tensi silver shaft great club! Awesome distance!

BillBradley says:

Cobra looks amazing until you notice where it goes into the hosel. Really draws all of my attention to it.

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