Top 5 MOST Forgiving Irons For Mid to High Handicappers of 2023

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Top 5 Forgiving Irons For Mid to High Handicapers of 2023

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Tim Leadingham says:

Rogue st max os?

Rudy Joe Gonzales says:

I don’t like the fact that these test are done inside. Nobody plays golf inside… I live on the west coast now and the weather changes constantly. Humidity and wind. For anyone looking to get fitted I’d definitely recommend finding someone who can fit you out in the environment you play in. You never know you may hit a set of clubs good that won’t cost you $10.000!

Matthias Broek says:

My son tried the jpx923 hot metal and he hits way worse with them then the hand me downs which are more than 7 years old and definitely not game improvement irons. He doesn’t like the clunk of the jpx923 HM.

Chris Young says:

I got fitted for new irons late last year and tried Ping G425, Mizuno JPX923 and Wilson D9 Forged. For me the Mizunos were way better than the rest, but they were also significantly more expensive. I didn't get on withe the Pings, so I ended up going with the Wilsons, and I'm glad I did – after putting them (and a Titleist TSR2 Driver) in the bag I dropped my WHI from 22 to 16. My iron play is so much more consistent and reliable, and it's improving all the time.

Mr Adaptable says:

Hi i just start driving this month and looking for my first clubs, iron set first. Sim 2 max OS vs JPX923 hl, which one i should choose?

Richard Jacobs says:

Thanks for the piece! I want feel, sound, looks, performance, price!

Moedark says:

Theyre a couple years old but as a beginning golfer, im a huge fan of the wilson D9's

David Lewis says:

Ping makes me buy 5 wedges 😮

Peter Jung says:

Got into golf mid February and got the Mizuno JPX 923 hot metal HL.. very forgiving and feels great. Highly recommend!

Manny dos Santos says:

All excellent choices, and I agree that the decision depends on individual preference. For me, Ping is still King.

ashley nightingale says:

I've always been a mizuno man but unfortunately the price of these clubs now is just ridiculous so I have just ordered the tacomo 101t ions sorry mizuno but the price difference is huge 4 to pw plus forged wedge £600 all in. For the 101t.

John D says:

Hi Lee… JPX … was that a KBS shaft ?

Simon_M says:

Great video. I have the G430 irons and they do (for me) tick all the boxes. However, this does come at a "cost". That's because the loft on the PW is low. So, compared to the TM Stealth, a set 6-PW and SW requires adding two Gap Wedges e.g., their 46 and 50 degree wedges vs some of the competition e.g. one for the TM Stealth. So, although most irons are priced similar, the cost is proportionally more for the Ping. The advantage (for me) is that the gapping of the lofts isn't too far stretched. They are nice (of course) to hit – especially for approach shots. Simon

Russell Ward says:

Good top 5 selection, Lee, and a very good, concise review. Cheers

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