The Ultimate Golf Club Guide: Choosing Between 3 Iron, 3 Hybrid, or 7 Wood

Are you wondering what club to choose between a 3 iron, 3 hybrid, or 7 wood? In this video, we'll help you choose the right club for your game!

In this Ultimate Golf Club Guide, we'll discuss the different types of clubs and help you choose the right one for your game. We'll also discuss how to choose between the long iron, hybrid, and fairway wood, based on your swing type and range. After watching this video, you'll be able to choose the right club for your game and improve your golf game!

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Golf Club Guide: Choosing Between 3 Iron, 3 Hybrid, or 7 Wood

  1. Still have a 4-iron but put the 21 hubrid and 5 wood on the shelf and put a 7 wood in. For now this is a good choice and gets be the 200+ yards gap and I don‘t have the worry of topping it

  2. Have 2,3 irons plus utility irons too-average 85. Dont like hybrids or woods,never got on with them. Like all in golf stick with what works best. Played a few days back with someone who had a new stealth,he finished 20 yards more tham me with my 15 degree utility iron. Spent 3 times more. Sometimes more image than practicality.

  3. Ali, I too am a huge fan of the 7-wood over a hybrid or the 3-5 irons.

    I found an old Wilson Fat Shaft 7-wood at a local Goodwill about a year ago and after a few rounds this club has found its way into my bag depending on the type of course I'm playing that week (relatively flat vs. hilly). Since its old and I live in the AZ desert, it doubles as a "desert club" too. Not bad for only $3 + a new grip!

  4. Excellent points Ali! I've tried them all but settled on the best combo for me (I'm 74 but still have some clubbed speed). My club of choice is a PING G410 3-Crossover bent to 18° with a softer custom shaft (UST Mamiya Dart Recoil, R flex). This set-up allows me both flexibility to use it in many situations and hit it high, low, shape it both ways, and make it land softly on the greens when necessary. This set up may not work for everyone, but I see no reason to change.

  5. I replace my 4-iron with a hybrid about 2 years ago, and I have a matching hybrid that's been waiting in the wings to take the place of my 5 iron.

  6. I replaced my 21 degree hybrid with a 21 degree 7 wood with a shorter than standard shaft (40.75” vs 41.5”). Just works better for me. Super easy to hit. I still have a 24 degree hybrid.

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