The WORST driver I have EVER seen!?

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The WORST driver I have EVER seen!? When playing golf we all want to play the best possible… that may mean buying new golf clubs, buying the best golf clubs? Well in this video I take on a 10 handicap golfer… he literally hits the worst driver ever. Is it the drivers fault or the golfers fault… let’s do it… and let’s do it now!



Jon Lowdon says:

Happy belated Birthday James

Bunker Chaser says:

Happy birthday James great video as always

Chris Girling says:

Happy Birthday James,
From 140yrs off the tee probably miss the green by 40 yards, off the fairway probably miss by 5 yards

Mr & Mrs Shepherd says:

Happy Birthday James! Keep up the good work!

MaffuH says:

Happy Birthday, you have the same birthday as my brother

Matthew Stewart says:

what has this video got to do with the title?

Andrew S says:

TLDR What’s the driver?

Barry Murton says:

Might have known you are a Leo….

Barry Murton says:

Happy birthday JR bit late but m still recovering from mine on the 26/7……😂 🍻

James Snyder says:

Happy birthday, James!

Kevin Pinder says:

Happy Birthday mate👍

Nick V says:

Happy birthday James!

David Parsons says:

Happy birthday.

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