These Golf Clubs SHOULD Have Cost $2,654.09…

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These Golf Clubs SHOULD Have Cost $2,654.09… Often when buying new golf clubs you want the best deal… and I think I got the best deal on golf clubs ever! this video is part of the £500 golf clubs 4 cash second hand golf club challenge. I paid just £500 for all of these golf clubs… but if I had bought them new… they would have been so much more. What are the best second hand golf clubs you can buy? the best high handicap golf clubs you can buy? will a second hand driver go as far as a new driver? and what about getting fitted for second hand golf clubs? getting fitted for golf clubs is and always will be a huge deal! but for now.. I want to play golf with my second hand golf clubs… and do it now!

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Woodhead_on_r6 says:

cash used to play golf stopped and want to get back into it again and would love to get some new clubs

Lee Crossland says:

Another video that proves we do not need brand new clubs as a average golfer. Well done James on another fantastic video.

George Methot says:

How can the putter be too short for you? Is it 23 inches?

MrFrenchm says:

Cash ??‍♂️⛳️

Mark Flitton says:

Cash ?????

Stephen Gotkin says:


David Fleming says:

“Cash”, I’ve never bought a new set in my life – I’ll leave it to others to swap every year and put their hardly used clubs on the market ?

Chris Fearnley says:

Cash great challenge

m Biron says:

Cash!! Thanks

Neil Hepburn says:

“Cash” I’ve never bought new clubs

Ben White says:

Would love to see a video on moving the weights about

scott Danter says:

Cash the chance to win that amount of money would change my game massively.

Mark Foxcroft says:

"CASH" most of my set are second hand and find its good value for weekend golfers like me

Jack Kelf says:

HI JAMES CASH one of 90% golfer

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