They want you to know this… the Budget HYBRID GUIDE!? (For all Players)

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22 thoughts on “They want you to know this… the Budget HYBRID GUIDE!? (For all Players)

  1. love hybrids. the shorter shaft lengths vs woods just makes me feel like i have better control and being closer to the ball just makes it feel like a safer option.
    American golf have the Cobra King Tec 3 and 4 hybrid on offer at the moment £139 for a club that was £239, feel like it is great value.

  2. Great video, thank you! Picked up a Ping G Series 3 hybrid last year, according to my PRGR it's about a 94.7mph swing speed, absolutely love it, great to find fairways. My only decision is whether to put a 2h above it as I don't carry fairway woods, just driver.

  3. I want to like hybrids but they just go left for me. got a gap between my 5 iron and 7 wood which would be perfect for a 4 hybrid but I can't seem to get on with one.

  4. Great advice! As I gained more speed, I left my 4 and 5 hybrid Slazengers at home and graduated to RBZ Stage 2 hybrid 2 and 3 irons. The 2 is adjustable and knocked down to 15° in place of my 3 wood. The 19° 3 iron is definitely a fairway finder!

  5. Sometimes, I feel a bit of envy towards people who use hybrids. When I was a kid in the early 2000's, my adoptive parents were already in their late 40's. My dad introduced me to golf by giving me the clubs he used as a young man, a set of Wilson Dynapower irons from the late 70's (2i-PW). I learned how to play with "butterknife" blades, and that became part of my "golf DNA", in a manner of speaking.

    Whenever I try to hit hybrids, it's very uncomfortable. I get just as much distance out of hybrids as my current set of blades, but the massive soles on hybrid clubs totally screw with my head and I can't get the hybrids to "slip" through the turf like my blades do – I can't get anything out of them other than low stingers.

    I see other people playing hybrids and getting really great results with them, and sometimes I really do wish I could feel as comfortable and confident with a hybrid as I do with my bladed 2i/3i/4i.

  6. Good video. The best combination of clubs for me (64 years, 22 handicap) when I’m carrying in winter, is 50 degree gap wedge, 9 iron, 7 iron, 5 hybrid, 7 wood and driver. My driver goes about 160 yards in the air in the winter, so that combination covers most circumstances. I add other clubs when I use my trolley in the summer but frankly, it just complicates things!

  7. I picked up a couple of Cobra F6 hybrids a few years back for about $80 total. With adjustability, they cover any loft from 19° down to 25°. I've changed most of the clubs in my bag over the last couple years, but those hybrids aren't going anywhere.

  8. Struggle with 3 wood an low lofted hybrids but my 22° hybrid is my go to 150 carry any day of the week does a job….to cover how badly I hit 3 wood previously an can't seem to get my 19° hybrid to do as I want I've discovered a 3 Hywood by cleveland…its possibly the best unknown club in golf at the moment 18° but goes high an long….love it an at the moment I'd say my one ain't making the second hand market????⛳️????

  9. Brilliant video Simon. Exactly what I was looking for right now. Pretty much matching up to player B I have Driver, 5 wood, 4 hybrid.
    Have been considering tinkering with 3 wood and 7 wood. But don't think there is any point after watching this.

  10. I have 2, 4 & 5 M1 hybrids. A mix of 2016 & 2017 models. About £70 each and easily the most dependable from the tee or anywhere on the course.

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