David Curtis, PGA Driver Swing Plane

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Jacob R says:

Do these angles create different wrist leverages? For example a flatter plane(driver) will be more "radial/ulnar" and a more upright swing with a wedge or short iron would be more extension/flexion?

Mr. Tuckers says:

My swing plane goes way back and too forward almost like John Daley's swing. I recorded myself and saw this. It could be because I'm a short guy and it's hard for me to reach back so in order to compensate I break the plane past parallel to get that reach which means breaking my wrists but on the downswing I always somehow come back square to the ball. I'm about 5'5 and my driver shaft has been customized down to 43" in length.

Ian Tweedie says:

Watching this is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing! Particularly at 2.40 where it is very apparent the club does actually PIVOT through impact. That is presumably why one would not get a sore back which is the concern of one of your posts. Do you have any videos which deal with this particular in detail please? Thanks Regards Ian

Mack Gilley says:

I like the concept, but hesitate to try it for fear of wrenching my back on the follow through. I like the feel of it in the standing position. Thanks.

D.A. Sell says:

As weird as this video was to watch, it makes sooooo much sense! Thanks!

David Curtis, PGA says:

Thanks so much for watching! Let me know in the comments what else you would like to learn👇 Don't forget to like and subscribe!!!

Larry W says:

Dave gave me a lesson today on hitting my driver. It helped me tremendously with distance and swinging in the correct plane. Would highly recommend Dave if you are having issues! Great lesson!!

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