This Is The MOST COMMON Driver Fault I See!

Nobody wants to give up distance from the tee but this common driver fault is costing golfers valuable distance every time they tee it up.

In this video I discuss the most common driver fault that I see and show how it could be costing you over 70yds in distance from the tee, the good news however, it's easy to fix.

So if you feel that you struggle with this common driver fault then watch as I run through some simple steps to get you hitting the driver longer and more consistently that ever

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Demo of fault
01:05 Trackman data
02:08 The importance of delivery
02:36 The simple steps
05:34 the good swing
05:49 The new data

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18 thoughts on “This Is The MOST COMMON Driver Fault I See!

  1. Hello Chris, sorry I put chapstick on the face of my woods and driver, I never slice the ball any more, its quite remarkable the difference it makes, Evan my fairway woods go straight. I walk off the golf course feeling like a pro, I,m just a guy who wants to enjoy the game

  2. Looking at the comments and seeing all these people claiming 300 yard drives is funny. We must have the .04% of golfers that actually do hit 300 plus in the comments section ?

  3. Just like your 3 wood video but instead I put a tee or peg about 2-3 inches behind the ball and use that as my focal point and try to sweep the tee. This ensures I hit up on the ball.

  4. Hi Chris, thank you for this amazing video. My driver data is from Toptracer. Ballspeed 135. Total distance 227. Launch degree 15. Height 79 f. Would you be able to say what I need to do to get more distance ? I am also getting the same distance for 14 Launch degree. .Thank you

  5. Chris, I love the idea of this drill and will try it. However, I would love to have seen the side view of the club hitting the ball from the side view. Its amazing that you don't hit the ground with this attack angle.

  6. Yes hitting down on the ball with driver isn't optimal, but that is NOT what caused that launch angle. Hitting down on driver by itself typically leads to high, spinny shots. You necked it (low–heel) which is what caused that low pull-cut.

  7. I went for a fitting today – generally struggling with casting the driver so my spin is always way too high. I’ve got a sub zero mavrik 9.5 currently 70g stiff. Today although I saw much better results with the Lower spinning heads my spin was still 3500-6000 in some cases. Appreciate that is my swing itself but my angle of attack was always positive. Only trouble was I was 8 degrees out to in , but would this really cause a massive amount of spin? Pretty much all the shots would’ve hit fairway just ridiculously short. My bad miss is a straight pull left , which still had excessive backspin numbers. Any one experienced this? I hit my 4i 200 so literally feel like teeing off with that as the driver is completely hopeless right now.

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