Golf Club Fitting Where The Pros Go!

All new clubs at Taylormade The Kingdom by legendary Fitter @trottiegolf for 17 year old golfer getting ready for the last season of High School golf before College Golf.

Last time we were here:

Check out Trottie here: @trottiegolf
Huge Thanks to Taylormade for letting us come here! Check them out here: @TAYLORMADEGOLF

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

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25 thoughts on “Golf Club Fitting Where The Pros Go!

  1. Can we please get some more golf videos all of them are so enjoyable to watch I know I miss all of the golf course vlogs of Lincoln playing in his tournaments.

  2. lincoln, the reverse 'c' finish is making you loose the line and power, it is a weaker, unbalanced finish. if you finish with a straight spine, stacked, over your forward leg, everything will snap into place.

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