Golf Club Fitting Where The Pros Go!

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All new clubs at Taylormade The Kingdom by legendary Fitter @trottiegolf for 17 year old golfer getting ready for the last season of High School golf before College Golf.

Last time we were here:

Check out Trottie here: @trottiegolf
Huge Thanks to Taylormade for letting us come here! Check them out here: @TAYLORMADEGOLF

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

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What's Inside? says:

If you want to see summer golf vlogs of Lincoln, give this video a thumbs up.

Jonny Hamburger says:

Where’s Lincoln hoodie from?

gamer game says:

Love the golf video😊

Ro500 says:

Can you meet Martin Borgamer

Xd Ghost says:

He’s a lefty too, I’m a lefty good for him

Carlo says:

legal driver length is 46 inches not 48 inches just FYI

dustin barger says:

Does anyone know how much a club fitting from him cost? I'm guessing it includes a full bag as well?

Gethin Dobbs-Evans says:

More golf vids please!! Love it!

Kukworld says:

Lincoln got game!

Troy Aldrich says:

The doctor analogy to Trottie is the perfect way to describe a golf fitter

Jordan Calanchini says:

isnt legal driver length 46? not 48 as stated at 15-21

William J. “Liam” Houtenbrink-Hoyo says:

I want a what’s inside a Pickleball racquet

William J. “Liam” Houtenbrink-Hoyo says:

Dan the growing sport is Pickleball

PURP __x says:

he has such a great swing, nice an smooth

Matthew Golf says:

Can we please get some more golf videos all of them are so enjoyable to watch I know I miss all of the golf course vlogs of Lincoln playing in his tournaments.

græssefar says:

max allowed is 46 not 48

The Unicorn says:

Used to watch ur videos 5/6/7 years ago. Randomly remembered ur channel and omg Lincoln isn’t 12 anymore 🤯

Chichi says:

New what’s in the bag

Bobby Mouw says:

what’s lincoln’s hoodie called

Lucas Hastings says:

Can you do a full whats in the bag?

Facundo Pramparo says:

Great video!! More Lincoln's golf videos please! He has some supporters here!

B_ says:

Am i the only one who randomly open this channel just to check how much his son has Grown 🤭

Croinkey C says:

We need more golf videos! 😀

RUNstrong says:

lincoln, the reverse 'c' finish is making you loose the line and power, it is a weaker, unbalanced finish. if you finish with a straight spine, stacked, over your forward leg, everything will snap into place.

Karter Tilson says:

Did this stress anyone else out. I love golf but holy crap.

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