This Is the WORST Driver in All of Golf…

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We play a match with the hinged driver!!

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Caleb Mcginness says:

Day 6 of asking for
Sand wedge
6 iron

Caleb Mcginness says:

Day 7 of asking for

VBounce07 says:

Golf is for un athletic people

Isabella Andrade says:

That’s a trainer, basically if your swing is good, there shouldn’t be any problem when hitting the ball because it won’t “break” (meaning the bottom part won’t get loose), pretty sure there’s a whole set of those trainers

Rups says:

bro’s putting🤢🤮

Kevin brown says:

Yo you said “gets all there previous attempts wiped off” so you lost homie

Dorrath23 says:

Funny thing if u had a proper swing that “impossible driver” wouldn’t be an issue

Mark Thiel says:

Did the putter also have a hinge in it?

The Aries Experiment says:

You boys gotta work with the hing. Not against it. Let'er hinge on takeaway,……and hinge again at the top. Release your hands a little sooner. Not sure if that's a swing trainer club,……or if it's a novelty club. Either way. It's crushable.

Youthanasía says:

My guy Max needs one of those hinges club for the putter. He swings at the ball coming in from an angle and everything is gonna be pushed to the left immediately. Show broham some film afterwards of this hole if he wants to putt better in future gAmes 🎉

Chameleon EDM says:

“Worst driver”?

The whole point of that driver is if you move from a proper plane it hinges, it’s to teach you proper muscle memory

Bobby Locke says:

Worlds worse Driver and max the world's worst putter

Sk Zilwa says:

Sorry can someone tell me what app is used to draw the lines that follow the ball when recording?

Twix says:

these are the guys that play in front of me

AJ from c&j basements says:

I've used one of those

Max Manzanares says:

The point is to swing that driver and for it not to bend it's been out for like 10 years😂

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