This makes the golf swing so simple and is perfect for those who over think the swing or those who are relatively new to the game/

The drills and tips in this video keep things so simple and make the golf swing feel easy to understand and repeat.

The video focuses on set up, backswing, downswing and the follow through. Each drill is incredible easy, simple and taps into your natural instincts which is why it works so well

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24 thoughts on “This Makes The GOLF SWING So SIMPLE

  1. this is a really good video, I just don’t understand why instructors always overly exaggerate copy over the top or inside .. you threw the ball but didn’t when you were on plane . idk maybe most of us can’t see it unless it’s exaggerated .. just a question

  2. Although i continue to watch your videos and others, practice the swing, try different motions, excercises etc. NOBODY has been able to help and or fix my golfswing in 6 years. There isnt anyone who can, Teachers have worked with me and they ALL have NO SOLUTIONS!!! No matter what "Drills" they give me NOTHING WORKS!!! I used to be a 5 Handicap golfer years ago also, I Dont know what has happened other than not playing for a couuple years as to why i have this AWFUL

  3. I agree with all of the comments before me, this is a great video. One suggestion; "Begin with the End in mind" (Franklin Covey). So many instructors start with all of the things not to do and end up filling up half of a great video with a bunch of "Don't do this, Don't do that". I would much rather see you repeat all the great instructions of what you want us to do. I'm going to take the awesome video, cut out all of the "Don't" sections and use the trimmed down version of your tutorial to watch several times over the weeks to come. Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Chris, I am a stroke victim who lost all muscle memory on my right side. After many years of rehab and relearning fine motor skills I am ready to re-learn golf, and you are teaching me! As I am a blank slate, I use your videos to teach me the right way to do things and avoid all the bad habits I had as younger man. Thank you for excellent instruction!

  5. been following your channel religiously since 2 years ago , the tips are great , my iron improved, but driver a big time struggle and previoulsly was ok, gone from bad to worst

  6. I can honestly say that this video has been the most useful out of all instruction videos I've watched. Started playing golf about 6 months ago and have had a severe problem with slicing the ball. I have now realized what the problem is by watching this video and followed your instructions. Went to the range and adjusted my positioning with great results, straighter shots with buttery fade and much more consistent swing pattern.
    Thank you so much for the great videos!

  7. This is by far the best video to help me correct so many things. No more out to in, balls all straight, consistent, effortless power, good follow through……Quite easy to learn and follow. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ryan. Thumbs Up!

  8. I practice drills without a ball with no problem, feels are great, positions are hit and everything. Soon as I go to practice with a ball the hit instinct comes in and I go right back to over the top and early extend ?‍♂️ should I just stop hitting balls for a while and just do movements?

  9. Really simple and effective tips, thanks CR. When it comes to posture and distance away from the ball at setup, is the setup supposed to be the same? I find that if I try setup the same it really exaggerates my slice so at the moment I'm standing quite far away with my arms out in front of me (driver only).

  10. I just feel so stuck at the game right now, in fact getting worse it feels like. It's really damn hard to repeat good shots and it's hard to do it right the first time. I'm hitting a brick wall.

  11. My spouse sits behind me at my local practice place (heated seats) . I recently won £ 500 there in a golf contest .. They tell me that, frequently, people will stand behind them watching me hit balls for 30 to 45 minutes without my knowing. Great for my ego. Many thanks for your videos and info that have kept me on track for the last two years CR. I still have to work on my finish.. feels like I'm not getting all the way through.

  12. The finish exercise is very important. An over the top guy is gonna have the club finish too low, and around him. A “stuck” guy is gonna finish too high, and towards the target line, often failing to finish his rotation. The way you finish says everything about your swing plane coming into impact. Fix your finish = Fix your swing.

  13. Great, as always. However, it was useful for me to make a full golf swing with the towel. Found myself going through the three follow-through checkpoints very easily.

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