This OLD PING DRIVER is BETTER than the TaylorMade Stealth?!

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This OLD PING DRIVER is BETTER than the TaylorMade Stealth?! The BEST Mid Handicap Driver? TaylorMade Stealth vs Ping G425!? This is why the Ping G425 is STILL the best Mid Handicap Driver!? Mid Handicap – TaylorMade Stealth vs Ping G425! In this video we test what could be the best driver of 2022, the best forgiving driver of 2022, maybe even the best driver of 2021 and the best driver of 2022. Everyone assumes that the Taylormade stealth, Cobra LTDx and Callaway rogue sT will automatically be the longest driver of the year… but don’t sleep on the ping G425 driver…


James Robinson Golf says:

It’s a G410… and I’m an idiot

Nelly Nelson says:

Would he not be better upping the loft for better launch and spin on the stealth? Also I would say his speed and delivery is suitable for the stealth plus esp in 9degree option?

Quentin Neff says:

Not sure mark is a 6?

Juan Hunglow says:

I sheared a screw in the weight on my G425 max. Ping replaced the whole club with a brand new one.. I love my Ping driver, i had the G400 before this one

Matt Strong says:

Like your style and the way you do tests.

Simon Wilcock says:

Nice to see Mark again,dressed impeccably as usual. He looks a decent golfer now ( well done on getting the hcap down ).

Michael Rood says:

When I tried the stealth at a big box store, the ball speed was great but distance was no better than my older driver

Mr & Mrs Shepherd says:

James great episode, loved the true on course comparison for Mark. Also loved that he is a everyday golfer like the rest of us.

allo cromeau says:

Da faek is this tiny bunker doing there in the middle of the fairway😂😂😂

SiJRa says:

having tried the Stealth it wasn't as good as my Sim…. simple. tried a few shaft options… wasn't impressed. I'll be staying with what I have. What happened to Fixby????????

Q-Bits says:

Im still rockin' a G410!

BallzMckracken says:

A lot of missing information in this vid. It would be interesting to see the comparison vs the bad fit stealth and the stealth after making the needed adjustments. He obviously needs more loft and more spin which would likely add to his carry number and improve direction control. Could’ve been a great point to make about the importance of getting fit to maximize performance.

Chris Siachos says:

How can you post a review by this guy when he's NOT even a decent golfer and the Stealth is going up against his gamer the Ping G410?

marco colindres says:

Mark should compare the Stealth instead of the Stealth plus. Didn’t enjoy that club and the acoustics were not great. The Steath is more forgiving and sounds great…so I found…

Russell Kempe says:

I haven't seen anyone win with Stealth yet, so yes, the Old is better than the New. Save your $$$.

Mark Teal says:

I don’t get it . It’s impossible to compare a ping driver that. Are known as probably the most forgiving .against the stealth plus . Let him try thee standard stealth .I had a ping G425 and gone into the standard stealth . Not only gained yards but also hit it as straight .

Jane says:

Why not get Mark to hit the Callaway Rogue ST?

David Tomsett says:

Sorry, but Mark ‘s swing does not look like that of a 6 handicapper

Rondo says:

This old ping driver … lol

Pistons_n_ Pizza says:

Great video for someone like me just going into year 2 of golfing

Alex Beesley says:

I don’t get the hype around the stealth. It’s just not as good as the new Callaway or Cobra. Maybe Taylormade are just good at paying people to talk about it.

Ed Lowery says:

Why would he not use the regular Stealth .

Andy K says:

I like when Mark is your guest.

Markus Hayes says:

Stealth seems to be minimal gains with emphasis on forgiveness.

John Nichols says:

Hit them yesterday at a fitting event. Love the look of the head. Reminds me of my old r7 quad. They inner matte with outer shinier makes the club look smaller at adress to me (which is a good thing). We went through a couple lofts and shafts then I hit the 13.5 3w I loved and hit that very well. The fitter put the RDX 6.0 1/2" short into a 10.5 Stealth, not plus, and that was the combo. Felt great and had my baby cut back. Carrying it 250 with roll out of over 270 according to the monitor. Solid 5 yards longer than my Epic Max but the big difference is I was hitting it more consistent. Even a mishit toeside was easily still in the fairway at 255. I feel like the Stealth is just easier to square up for me without thinking about it so much. Probably all mental. Already looking at trading up for it though.

Randy Wilburn says:

What about the shaft ? Is it the same ?

Graeme Macfarlane says:

Mark maybe needs a little more time with the Stealth in his spec as launch angle was 4 degrees less than the Ping which will have created less spin, less height and more run out.

He is great value

Brendan Mcateer says:

Just goes to show spending lots of money on new releases doesn't mean instant success best stick to what you know especially if your handicap has come down great video boy's I have the g410 myself & my money stopping in my wallet 😀 👍

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