Tiger, Rory, DJ & Team TaylorMade's FIRST LOOK at SIM2 Driver | TaylorMade Golf

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Take a look inside the TaylorMade Golf Tour Truck as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Matthew Wolff, Collin Morikawa and Tommy Fleetwood get a first look at all the tech and engineering that makes up the all-new SIM2 Driver from TaylorMade Golf. With Forged Ring Contruction, the all-new SIM2 family is built so you can swing away.


gavin harvey says:

Tiger be like" this better be worth my while, i got my own man cave with all this shit in it already"

Surefiregs says:

Right. So I never want to be a pro golfer. Rather scoop my own eyes out then ever have to go to one of these.

Phil Jansen says:

How does it do on off center hits and not getting through the ball due to torsional pain from a tibial fracture? Asking for a friend.

Ben Jordan says:

Lol tiger looks like he wants to get out there. Prob done this so many times

1 Minute Video Highlights says:

Host: Throws each player a set of red panties.
Players: Is this part of the driver?
Host: No, but this is what my drives got me more of since using it.

Iceman says:

This was so forced.

Rudy Sullivan says:

This is such a cringe video

Google Account says:

This is what you would show the builders, not the players.

Google Account says:

Yeah.this is presented like a school grade lesson..kinda like the kid teaching the professor. Kinda demeaning actually.

Carl Frye says:

These guys can all hit the top line drivers well enough to win tournaments, to most of them it's about the $ – when they get to top 10 area and on TV regularly the $ is the thing, they can practice to hit it like they need to.
Great life, huh.

Lee Shand says:

This is possibly the most cringe thing i've watched on this channel.

M C says:

Matt W sure has a high pitched voice, wow.

Blue Ridge Film Productions says:

well that was boring

Kevin Speight says:

This is definitely like a “Camp Taylormade” mid day arts and craft class

Luke Wallis says:

Why is Wolff there

Teddy W Gardner says:

bruh all DJ wanted to do was to go out and try them and just stop the dude from talking! ???. He was like: "Yeah, smaller is gud ??"

shawnsvfan says:

Tiger is tied with most wins on PGA tour and now they want to teach him about the components of a golf club. Lol. Imagine them doing this 20 years ago he’d still be at 82 wins. This was pointless for him and you can tell.

Mark D says:

Tigers way too arrogant for me, in Canada we say he thinks his ?doesn’t stink….

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