Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Final Round – Front 9

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Luis Saenz says:

Post the entire round! Lol

Michael Battle says:

The commentary is awful.

John Kurtz says:

Wonderful, showed some of the contours of the greens, thanks

Eric Kdawg says:

Can my man get some excitement in his voice? He’s acting like it’s golf without Tiger ?

Joseph L says:

Also this video should have been posted the day after he won. How come we haven’t had a video of his play until now, no highlights no full broadcast

Joseph L says:

Where are the drives ??

Randall Martin says:

The commentary is obviously dubbed in. Wasn’t live.

Silas Leeks says:

The two putt on 9 doesn't really get talk about, but to me, that really saved his round. Straight downhill from back there. Could have easily gained speed and went in the fairway.

Michael Overton says:

The 9th hole was the championship for Tiger. You can putt that 100 times and might get that close 2 times

Melvin Smith says:

Looking back at this in hindsight it is easy to forget how much pressure Tiger was under on the 9th green. That just makes it so much more amazing.

I remember watching this hoping that he just three putts and moves on.

Paul L. Munoz says:

Ok! The back 9 was even better, especially the misadventures on the 12th by his fellow playmates.

Travis Way says:

The lamest Sunday win ever but hey… green jacket and another whore bagged!!! What’s his green jacket to Sunday win ration?? Who was I the bag for each of his wins?? ?

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