Tiger Woods – Comeback

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srpjr3795 says:

Watching videos of Tiger Woods gets me so jacked up haha. He is the best
golfer to walk the face of this planet, no matter what anybody says.

Jack Hall says:

Tiger is simply the best ever, tiger woods is golf. Jack has more majors
but the fields have been so much deeper through tigers career whereas jack
didn’t have deep fields till the end of his career. If tiger didn’t deal
with SO many injuries and personal issues he would by on to his 22nd major

shoopdawhoop217 says:

I don’t care what anyone else says, Tiger Woods is the GOAT

konartis8108 says:

Greatest player ever. Wouldn’t be playing myself if it wasn’t for him

David Bezer says:

Who is the woman at 4:05 in the blue shirt?

Jack Miller says:

Love him or hate him, Tiger is the best thing to ever happen to golf.

FuckYouGooglePlus says:

So…you chose a stupid college major, and are now unemployed. What a

Masta Ace says:

Can you please make this avaliable for mobile, i cant stop watching it but
im not always at a computer to watch it.

jack Gaydos says:

golf is the best sport

alwaysaround watching says:

He’ll be back and he’ll start winning again and yes, he’ll win another
major. More than one.

Solito Reyes II says:

Well done my friend. Inspiring!

9MattDuchene says:

if only tiger could win another major then you could make a sick video

sweeks406 says:

happy gilmore its just a movie this right hear is realaty happy gilmore
probly dont even play golf in real life 

thatrandomanda says:

golf without tiger is nothing. He will be back. :)

Adveo says:

Shitty vid shitty player 

AppleJackGaming says:

Hard to be dramatic when it’s a sport as boring as golf lol.

isaiahmcmillen says:

tiger woods, is golf

andrew pestotnik says:

I love how it’s always Skip Bayless doubting people, then he gets offended
when someone calls out his boyfriend Tim Tebow…

donmacmilly says:

best golfer ever

Titus Hayes says:

I <3 Tiger Woods

tbone11193 says:

lol, bored film grad. that’s funny. great videos btw, my videos like these
aren’t nearly as well thought out.

Mosac0n says:

He is the only n.1, either like it or not, you gotta deal with it :)

Josh Rhyne says:

Awesome video! What is the song at 5:15?

gary rizzo says:

everyone is saying that bullshit “tiger never gonna win another major” wen
he wins his 15th 16th 17th 18th and 19th major, (which i think will) he
should walk in to the press room whereing the green jakcet and walk out
backwards giving them the middle finger………

Grant Kidd says:

I thought it was better the past few years without Tiger there because it
gave others a chance and there were new people winning majors making it
interesting and not predictable. 

John Hagan says:

When’s the Masters, lets go.

Mitch Krebs says:

Skip does not know golf. He is an idiot. Tiger will win more majors than
jack, he will win atleast 20.

Alex Berg-capin says:

all i know is that tiger tried to cum on my back… :/

myzislow says:

first song is?

mbelma6329 says:

Tiger Woods vs. Happy Gilmore on PPV 4th of July weekend 2014.

Chung Lee says:

song 2:45???

Tom Fairweather says:

I literally hate the bitch at 4:05

Nathan Norfleet says:


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