48 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – Comeback

  1. Tiger is simply the best ever, tiger woods is golf. Jack has more majors
    but the fields have been so much deeper through tigers career whereas jack
    didn’t have deep fields till the end of his career. If tiger didn’t deal
    with SO many injuries and personal issues he would by on to his 22nd major

  2. everyone is saying that bullshit “tiger never gonna win another major” wen
    he wins his 15th 16th 17th 18th and 19th major, (which i think will) he
    should walk in to the press room whereing the green jakcet and walk out
    backwards giving them the middle finger………

  3. I thought it was better the past few years without Tiger there because it
    gave others a chance and there were new people winning majors making it
    interesting and not predictable. 

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