Tiger Woods comments after Round 2 at Waste Management

After posting a second-round 82 at the 2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open, Tiger Woods talks about a variety of topics, including his chipping woes and the excitement of Phoenix during tournament week.

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21 thoughts on “Tiger Woods comments after Round 2 at Waste Management

  1. Oh El Tigrea’, Just keep grinding, though there might be some truth to what
    Rocco Mediate said on Feherty the other night about Tiger’s recent past &
    current 2 swing coaches..Might have better luck with someone who actually
    helped him before, or played themselves, thought the same thing for
    awhile..Also side bulletin, anyone else see some of the Dubai Classic?
    SCARY how good Rory is playing right now(like short of injury, guaranteed 2
    major victories minimum this year)..Very dominating, reminds me of somebody
    else I use to watch :)

  2. “Tiger how do you manage to smile after a round like that?” “HMM well I’m
    going home to my hot wife and 70 sex slaves in my private jet and I never
    really have to work a day in my life so um, fuck it I guess.” “Oh and I’M

  3. The 82 on Friday was very alarming but the reaction was hysterical as the
    guy has played twice since August! When Tiger Woods retires he will be the
    most decorated player in golfing history. He will surpass Sam Snead’s
    record of PGA wins though I can’t see him making the 18 sadly. Far too much
    time has past, the field is much stronger and his game is quite erratic.
    That being said, it is absurd to suggest that he will never win another

  4. I think it’s clear that Tigers days of playing consistent are over. Unless
    some miracle happens tiger won’t win another major or even compete for
    worlds number one again. I think mentally and physically he just can’t do
    it any more. Toonbe rehabs, breaks from the game, too many swing changes.
    He’s done as an elite golfer…

  5. Tiger changes his swing too often. Why does he keep tearing down and
    remaking himself? If he would have stuck with hisswing from the 2000 era he
    would have had 20 majors by now! 

  6. I’m conducting a “short game” clinic today over here in Lakeland. come on
    over and visit with the rest of us “chilly dippers”. we know your pain! not

  7. Dude looks awful. This will be his last year on tour imo. Dead last, missed
    the cut. He needs to just give it up or he’s gonna make an even bigger fool
    of himself.

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