Taylormade Burner 2.0 Fairway Mizuno JPX800 Fairway

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http://www.4golfonline.com Taylormade Burner 2.0 Fairway Mizuno JPX800 Fairway tested and hit by Mark Crossfield. If you are after improving your long game from the tee or the fairway watch this review of two great fairway woods. The Taylormade 2.0 super fast Burner with its white head design and long shaft allow for long distance but can it be controlled. Where the classic designed JPX800 fairway offers maybe less distance with more control. Improve your golf with the best golf equipment.

27 thoughts on “Taylormade Burner 2.0 Fairway Mizuno JPX800 Fairway

  1. Thee. The length is from testing a basic principle which is longer lever
    faster head you jerk-off. That means any club placed on a longer lever will
    have higher swing speed. Ask 90% of people buying the club if they knew it
    was longer and they will say no. TM doesn’t advertise the length difference
    just the distance increase. Hence marketing. Ps cobra did the white head
    first but put 0 dollars into MARKETING and it failed. TM paid and pays
    millions to market the white head. Clearly you need to

  2. The length is awfull and the grip sucks. Burner line sucks unless it is tp
    wich comes with tour velvets and it’s shorter. I ended up with ping woods
    and sold the taylormade

  3. hey mark could you tell us about how far you hit so we can get an idea of
    how how far we hit our clubs compared to you that way when you say it goes
    really high or something like that people will be able to tell if it will
    be good for them or maybe they need something launching lower thanks and
    please respond

  4. you can just get your fitter to cut down the shaft, and if you buying into
    this price bracket of club (high) then you should be getting fit for the
    right shaft for you!

  5. i argee, The Taylormade burner 2.0 is light, big head fairway wood with a
    lot of control off the tie but with the long 47 inch shaft playing a
    fractor, its sometimes hard to bit off the turf. yeah the winn grip isnt
    that good either. I never hit the Mizuno JpX800 Fairway so idk. I got a r11
    fairway wood.

  6. I have the burner 2.0 super fast and I love it. I have no problem
    controlling it with the length, and it is the best club in my bag. The
    burner gives me more control than the jpx.

  7. The Burner is not at all difficult for me to hit because of the length. It
    takes a week or 2 of solid practice to feel natural standing a bit further
    from the ball. The Burner is easy to hit, and super long.

  8. I went to pick up a new 3 wood today. I hit the rocketballz and the burner.
    For me, it only took hitting 4 balls for me to decide on the burner club.
    The length doesn’t bother me but perhaps that has something to do with
    height. I’m not super tall, just 6′, and it fit me perfectly. I hit a dozen
    off the tee and a dozen off the deck and it felt great so I went with it.
    The real test will be on the course tomorrow.

  9. I’m 15 5’5″ and I’ve been playing for about two months, I got the burner
    2.0 3 wood and I know exactly what you mean about the length, it’s really
    hard to control but sometimes I feel that the large head can balance it out
    and I’m not very good hitting it of the deck. I have been checkin out some
    tips on YouTube on how to improve it though and I tried it out today and
    some of the tips actually helped. I can hit it a good 225 if I get solid
    contact, there isnt any better feel than when you hit

  10. im 16 and i can hit the taylormade 2.0 3 wood (off a tee) about 230
    yards…is that good? i havent been playing golf but for about a month and
    dont know mutch.

  11. Could you make a video on the Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons and the
    Taylormade Burner 1.0 irons because i am thinking of buying the 1.0 irons
    and i want to know the differences

  12. @yankee76 Marketing trick? The length is from testing. The white head hype,
    people buy taylormade drivers/woods because they have proven for many years
    that they make the best. Fact that white head has only now just been
    released is baffling, i;ve always wanted a white head for years. People
    don’t waste money on taylormade drivers/woods, clearly you know nothing
    about the golf market >.>

  13. @theman If you ” fix” the burner by cutting the shaft then it just becomes
    another 3 wood. The marketing trick with TM is the length. So why buy a
    Burner then pay to trim it and regrip it. You would save money by buying
    another brand and not buying into the white head hype.

  14. Nice summary Mark. I had a driver fitting a few months back and tried out
    the JPX800 which I hit amazingly. I was so impressed by the club I also got
    fit for the 3W which again was much better then my existing Yonex Nanospeed
    3i. I’ve sinced played many rounds with both of those and decided to
    upgrade my TM Burner Superfast hybrid to the JPX800 hybrid and again it’s
    night and day. With the JPX 800s I feel so much more confident and happy
    standing over the ball and the performance is fantastic!

  15. Hi Mark,Love the vids.Im currently looking to fill the last spaces in my
    bag (driver-5 Iron).Im looking at a 5 wood and 2 hybrids.Im currently stuck
    between the JPX800 Range and Taylormade RBZ.Im looking to get all the clubs
    shortened as I am not very tall.Do you think the RBZ would be a better
    choice if the shafts were shortened (as they would produce a longer
    ballflight)Love the look of the RBZ range but dont mind the mizuno-just
    want easiest launch and best distance when 1/2″ to 1″ shorter.

  16. So it seems the issues with the burner are the length and the grip. Seems
    like an easy fix. Trim the shaft and regrip the club. Simple fix to make it
    your perfect 3 wood.

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