Tiger Woods Will Never Pass Jack Nicklaus – ESPN First Take

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99999racerx says:

I usually defer to the expertise and eloquence of the Dynamic Duo, but I
think you are off on this one for two reasons: First, Tiger does have time
to win five more majors–that is just a fact, and with the greats of the
game that bolt of greatness can strike at any arbitrary major; Second, the
pressure Tiger was under Cannot be compared to Anything that takes place in
the normal course of events in sports–championships included. Tiger was
Henry Aaron breaking the home run record while breaking the color barrier
at the Munich Olympics. There was nothing like it. We All projected so much
into this young man he never had a chance to decide who he was. Had he
tried, we would not have let him. While I think it is right to challenge
him–champions need the challenge–we shouldn’t write him off. The
victories may be much fewer, but I am still rooting for Tiger.

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