Tiger Woods Every Shot from 3rd Round At Farmers Insurance Open 2020 without hole (1,3,4,6,9,18)

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Letese Aime says:

Hello Tiger my fever golfer i need your help

I Army says:

Jeeezzz commentators plugging Taylormade driver!
???? TM paying them now aswell

MegaStan316 says:

Good vid but there's some holes missed there several times his score is higher and you didn't see how he got it

M says:

Please upload more rounds of Jason Day.

DoubleOhTheG says:

Nice one. You missed every hole that Tiger birdied

Joon Park says:

this is not 'every shot'..

Plus2 Golfer says:

Your channel is better than all pga tour social media

Robert Wilson says:

Greatest Golfer Ever…no discussion…Beyond Amazing player..

mike ryan says:

Hes tied for 14th, hes not a roll model for anyone. Cheap bastard
And an over the hill golfer that didn't respect his wife or kids

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